Physics Story Book Developed By Nilambur Teacher for Visually Impaired Students

Published: | December 10, 2019
Class 9 Physics Textbook With Short Stories

A Teacher from Nilmbur’s Government Manavedan Vocational Higher Secondary School has been able to create a Physics textbook which consists of short stories to teach different concepts of Physics to the visually impaired students of Class 9.

A teacher, Suresh, from the Government Manavedan Vocational Higher Secondary School in Nilambur has worked out an innovative and unique method of teaching physics to a blind student in his class.

The current textbook for Physics that is being offered to Class 9 students mainly contains experiments that lead to different conclusions. This posed as a problem to one of Suresh’s student, who is visually-impaired. This prompted research being conducted to devise a method of teaching Physics to the student, which paved the way for Physics through short stories.

In a statement by Suresh, he stated that all the stories that have been published through the books come from real-life experiences of the teacher. Further, the book will help the students imagine and solve Physics questions through imagination. He added that the book will turn out to be helpful for those students who find the Subject difficult to comprehend.

One of the features of the book includes a QR code, which can be scanned through a smartphone, which will allow the students to listen to the audio version of the book.

Among the chapters that have been included in this storybook for Physics are Newton’s Law, Archimedes’ Principle, and many other Physics concepts. Suresh has been able to interlink his real-life stories to the different concepts in Physics. Sources state that the first part of the textbook for Class 9 Physics has been published as short stories.

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The Book had been released by the Head Master Abdul Nassar and the Principal of the school, Anitha Abraham. It had been released as a gift to all the differently-abled students, on the International Day for Disabled Persons, which was on 3rd December 2019.

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Suresh stated that they are currently waiting on approval from the Government, following which, they will be able to offer the books for free in all the schools for Blind Children.

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