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Researchers at IIT-Kharagpur Enable Web Access for Disabled

October 27, 2016 07:55 AM 2 minute read , Engineering , Indian Institute of Technology (Kharagpur)

Researchers at IIT-Kharagpur Enable Web Access for Disabled

A team of researchers at Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur have designed a software which enables the people with neuro-motor disorders to access the web, participate in social networking sites and play games with ease.

The application converts the interfaces of social media platforms such as Facebook. The app reorganises these in a way that people with impairments can use them. Assistive technology has been developed through which they can experience social networking via access switches.

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Anupam Basu, Head and Chairman of Centre for Education, IIT-Kharagpur explained that the app has been specially designed for persons with neuro-motor disorders. Through this app, one can carry out social networking activities as the Facebook interface is reorganised in such a way that is it can easily be accessed with the use of switches. Children, on the other hand, can also play games on Facebook with the help of this application.

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The application can be used in a better way on 5-inch or 7-inch tablets. The application also works on smartphones.

The researchers have also developed a wide range of tools for the children with special needs. Currently, the researchers are working on dyslexia and developing an intelligence software by which children can read.

IIT-Kharagpur is well known for its research activities. Recently, IIT-K designed an app to detect malaria. The app automatically detects effected Red Blood Cells (RBCs). The students also developed drones for aerial surveillance. They also developed an app to make usage of smartphones easy for elders. IIT-K has also partnered with various organisations to promote research activities and strengthen industry-academia linkage.

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Researchers at IIT-Kharagpur Enable Web Access for Disabled | CollegeDekho