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A User Asked this 2 years, 2 months ago

Differce btw pgdp and Mtch degree

As i have heard one of my relative faced an interview for PO post and goy selected with a bonus pount that she had a MCA degree and others didn't if i have only btech degree or a PGDP ( post graduatn diploma in. Packaging ) degree wilk it be effective. What is differnce btw having A PGDP degree AMD having Mtch or matsers degree.....what will be the drawback if we hve PGDP degree and not masters degree..... Where is master degree needed....someone told me that it will be needed in fututre for ur promotion What i s basically a PGDP ? Is it beneficial progressive and good for once future...and chances for promotion ? How will it be...... I kno its too much qustn to ask ...can u give me ur no. So i can clear my foubht ASAP as soon as possible ????
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