Crimea Federal University, Russia


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History, Affiliations and Rankings

Crimean Federal University is one of the top higher learning institutes in Russia, and this institute is one among the top ten federal universities in Russian federation.  The university was established in 1918, and the courses are offered in the departments of Medicine,

Physics, Crimean Federal University

History, Mathematics, Law, Philology, Medicine and Agronomy. This is one of the widely recognized universities across the globe due to the research work. Top researchers and scientists across the globe studied at Crimean Federal University.

Infrastructure, Campus and Courses

As of now, the varsity has 42 units and 12 branches located across Crimea.  The varsity is the inclusion of five academies, 6 institutes and six colleges. More than 200 study programmes are being offered this college and the total strength of the university is almost 32,000. Over the years, Crimean Federal University has emerged as one of the favourable destinations for international students.

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Crimea Federal University

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