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5 Big Mistakes to Avoid in CUET 2023 Registration

The CUET 2023 registration process will begin anytime soon. While registering for the exam, candidates make a few mistakes that can cause the cancellation of their application. Check such 5 big mistakes to avoid in CUET 2023 Registration.
CUET 2023 official notification along with the application form will be released this week. Candidates can visit the official website, cuet.samarth.ac.in to register.
CUET 2023 Registration
1. Not Checking the application guidelines
2. Not crosschecking the details filled
3. Not checking the course details
4. Not keeping the documents ready 5. Waiting for the last day for registration
5 Mistakes to Avoid in CUET Registration
NTA releases a set of guidelines to fill out the CUET 2023 application form. Candidates often ignore the details and start filling out the form which causes mistakes.
Not Checking Application Guidelines
The CUET 2023 registration process will continue for a month. So candidates are requested to carefully complete the registration process instead of submitting the form in a hurry.
Do Crosschecking the Details Filled
While completing the registration, candidates need to fill up their preferred course and college. Not having enough idea about the course or college will cause problems later.
Not having Idea of Course or College
To complete the registration process, candidates have to upload supporting documents. Candidates often start filling forms without keeping the documents ready.
Not Having Appropriate Documents
One common mistake students make during CUET registration is waiting for the last day to register. Never do this as the chances of technical glitches are high on the last day.
Waiting for the Last Day for Registration