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5 Hidden Logics to Crack JEE MAIN 2023

JEE Main is just around the corner! So, did you devise any master plan? Not yet! As the exam is about to begin in 3 days, we have listed down top 5 hidden logics to crack JEE Main 2023 and fulfill their dream to join top IIT.
To score high, the best plan is to attempt easy questions first and then proceed with medium and finally solving tough questions of your favorite subject.
Logic1: Attempt Question Per Levels
If you go as per the trends in the JEE Main exam, you can point out some topics that are repetitive and carry high weightage, try covering them first.
Logic 2: Prioritize High-weightage Topic
As you must be aware how vast the JEE main syllabus is, so to cover every topic, allot adequate time to revise subject-wise syllabus.
Logic 3: Follow Strict Timetable for Revision
A good understanding of question types, mark distribution, subject-wise important topics and duration of exam will allow you to eliminate confusion on JEE Main 2023 exam day.
Logic 4: Understand Exam Pattern
Most candidates fail in JEE Main even after scoring high in prelims due to anxiety and nervousness. Maintain a positive attitude to achieve success.
Logic 5: Maintain Positive Mindset