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5 Tips to Clear English Section for IBPS PO 2023

One of the reasons behind failure in IBPS PO is giving less relevance to the English section. As per previous year paper trends, difficulty level in English in IBPS PO is increasing. Here are 5 tips to clear the English section for IBPS PO
A popular tip followed by successful IBPS PO aspirants to clear the English section is understanding four broad groups based on which questions are asked.
Understand English Section Exam Pattern
Out of four categories, highest weightage is carried by vocabulary and reading comprehension. So, aspirants must prepare them early.
Cover Weightage-wise Topics
To clear the English section of IBPS PO 2023 improving grammar skills is essential. It can be achieved by understanding foundational concepts of language.
Practice Grammar
Imbibe reading habit as it will help you strengthen your comprehensive skills and also enhance knowledge of vocabularies thereby helping you clear the English section.
Read Fictions & Non-Fictions
Another important tip that helps candidates clear the English section in IBPS PO is practicing idioms, synonyms/antonyms and phrasal words from.previous year papers.
Solve Previous Years
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