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5 Types of Employees Who are More Likely to Get Laid Off

Top tech companies like Google, Amazon, and Microsoft made headlines with mass layoffs. Are you also worried about losing your job in a recession? Find out 5 types of employees who are more likely to get laid off.
Employees who fail to complete their assigned task within the deadline are the ones who are more likely to be laid off by the companies.
Employees Not Meeting Deadlines/Targets
Every business organization evaluates weekly, monthly or yearly performance of employees, and those who fail to improve performance over a period are laid off.
Employees Unable to Improve Performance
Employees who are reluctant to update their existing skills by refusing to take part in skill development sessions are more likely to get laid off.
Employee Ignorant to Learn New Skill
Employees who fail to abide by the basic work ethics often become an easy target for management to lay off during mass firing.
Employees Not Aligning to Work Culture
Companies treat employees as assets and when they find workers with high absenteeism rates, they are generally fired during the layoff period.
Employees Taking Frequent Leaves