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Difference Between NTA JEE Main Score and Percentile

With NTA’s announcement of JEE Main result 2023 for session 1, students are wondering on a common question i.e. ‘What's the difference between NTA JEE Main score and percentile’? Tap here to find the answer.
JEE Main score refers to the marks obtained in Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics out of 300. Whereas percentiles are normalization scores given by NTA between 0-100.
Difference Between JEE Score and Percentile
NTA published JEE Main result 2023 in percentiles. Formula for percentile is 100X Number of students appearing in a session with raw score equal or less than candidate.
Formula of JEE Main Percentile Calculation
Percentile is not same as percentage Percentile of total is not taken as average of percentile for each subject Current age is taken into account when calculating percentiles.
Facts About Percentiles
Rank is vital for the counseling process so use the below formula to find out JEE Main rank from percentile. ([100-P]/100)*N+1
Calculating JEE Main Rank from Percentile
1.N= Total students appearing for JEE Main
2.P = %students below or equal to marks
3.(100-P) = % students above your marks
4. ([100-P]/100)*N+1= students above your marks
Components in JEE Rank from Percentile
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