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Does Studying in IIT Guarantee a High-paying Job?

Yearly, lakhs of students make a beeline to crack JEE to get into IITs. Why? Because perception is that IIT guarantees you secure and lucrative jobs. Right? WRONG! While many get placed with high CTC, many don’t get placed or at <10L CTC!
Once a student cracks JEE & gets into IIT, thinks that this is it! Sadly, a student’s college performance determines the CGPA & low CGPA directly affects placements.
CTC offered during campus placements is highest in traditional IITs like IITK, IITKGP, IITB, IITM, IITD. New IITs are still having a hard time attracting big recruiters.
Selection Preference During Campus Hiring
Though there are IIT students who bagged offers with packages above INR 1 crore, many students could get job offers with packages as low as INR 5-10 lakhs CTC as well.
Diversity in CTC Offered at IITs
Yes. Is that the only important thing? No. The IIT tag can help to form a good start but ultimately it's the quality of the IIT student which helps to maintain the value of tag. So be wise!
Does IIT Tag Matter During Placements?
Getting high paying jobs in IITs depends on the B.Tech stream. EEE, CSE, IT, Robotics, Aeronautics, AI & Machine Learning are some of the top engineering specialisations.
Which Engineering Fields Attract Most Recruiters?
Companies prefer hiring IIT students with a wide array of skillset. Students who lack soft skills, and have not been innovative end up getting average packages.
Relevance of Skill Development for IITians