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Easiest Chapters for CBSE 10th Board History

In CBSE 10th Board, History is considered a difficult subject as students stumble on memorizing dates and places of various historical events. However, you can still score well by targeting the easiest chapters in CBSE 10th Board history.
History syllabus comprises following chapters:
• The Rise of Nationalism in Europe
• Making of Global World
• Print culture & Modern World
• Age of Industrialization
Overview on CBSE 10th Board History Syllabus
To guarantee good marks in the 10th board history section, students must focus more on Nationalism in Europe and Nationalism in India chapters.
Easy and Scoring Chapters in History
The Best way to prepare for the topics in 10th board history is remembering the dates, causes and consequences of various events.
How to Prepare Chapters?
CBSE keeps updating pattern and questions levels hence a wise decision is not solely relying on easy topics rather keep a mix of easy to hard chapters.
Can Preparing Only Easy Topics Help?
Besides 10th NCERT books you refer to the following books:
• Golden Guide for Social Science
• Xam Idea for Social Science
• S Chand for Social Science
Resources for CBSE 10th History Preparation