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Easiest Chapters for CBSE 10th Board Science

In CBSE 10th Board, Math and Science are the most scoring subjects enabling students to fetch maximum marks. To help you score well in science section, we have prepared the list of easiest chapters for CBSE 10th boards science. Tap to check
CBSE 10th science section is divided into Physics, Chemistry and Biology. As per trend, Biology carries maximum marks which is 30 while other two subjects comprise 25 marks each.
CBSE 10th Science Paper Pattern
Biology can fetch you a good score if you thoroughly prepare the chapters on ‘Our Environment’ and ‘LIfe Processes’. It can guarantee you 5 marks.
Easiest Chapter in Biology
In CBSE 10th Board Physics, students can confirm full marks in two easy and important chapters that include ‘Human Eye’ and ‘Magnetic Effects of Current’.
Scoring and Easy Topics in Physics
The easiest and scoring chapters in CBSE 10 Chemistry which can help students get highest marks include ‘Chemical Equation & Reaction’ and ‘Acid, Base & Salt’.
CBSE 10th Board Chemistry Chapters
1. Assessment of Practical Skills in Science
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3. Laboratory Manual Science Class X
4. Science textbook Class X
5. Exemplar Problems Class X
CBSE 10th Science NCERT References