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Easiest Chapters for CBSE 10th Boards English

With just a few weeks left for CBSE 10th Board exams, focusing on some easy chapters with high-weightage can help score good marks. Tap to check the list of easier chapters for CBSE 10th Board English to ease your preparation.
Apart from the Grammatical part, students in CBSE Class 10th have 2 English books, i.e. First Flight and Footprints Without Feet.
CBSE Class 10th English Books
The chapters from Prose section include:
1. A Letter to God
2. Nelson Mandela
3. Two stories about flying
4.The Proposal From the Diary of Anne Frank
Easiest Chapters from the First Flight Book
The list of chapters which are easier to prepare are:
1. Dust of Snow
2. Fire and Ice
3. The Trees
4. Fog
5. A Tiger in the Zoo
Chapters from First Fight Poetry Section
To score good marks in CBSE 10th Board English section, you can focus on:
1. A Triumph of Surgery
2. A Question of Trust
3. The Necklace
4. Bholi
5. The Midnight Visitor
Chapters from Footprints Without Feet
1. Prepare from NCERT Syllabus
2. Reading and Writing Practice
3. Enhance the Vocabulary
4. Solve CBSE 10th Board sample papers
How to score Good Marks in CBSE Class 10th English?