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Easiest Chapters for CBSE 12th Board Accountancy

Students find CBSE 12th Accountancy a tough subject to prepare. However, there are a few easy chapters that students can focus on to get good marks with less effort. Want to know the easiest chapters for CBSE 12th Board accountancy? Tap here!
The easiest chapters of CBSE 12th Accountancy are -
1. Accounting For Partnership Firms
2. Accounting for Companies
3. Analysis of Financial Statements
4. Cash Flow Statement
Easy Chapters of CBSE 12th Accountancy
It is a very important and easy chapter of accountancy. Topics covered in this are -
 1. Partnership features
 2. Partnership Deed and Goodwill
 3. Methods of valuation
Accounting For Partnership Firms
One of the easiest chapter in Class 12th accountancy and includes topics like-
 1. Accounting for Share Capital and its nature/types
 2. Accounting for Debentures
Accounting for Companies
The major topics in this chapter are-
1. Financial Statements of a Company
2. Financial Statement Analysis tools
3. Accounting/Liquidity/ Activity/ Solvency Ratios
Analysis of Financial Statements
One of the easiest chapters of CBSE Class 12th accountancy. The topics in this chapter are-
1. Cash and Cash Equivalents
2. Classification of Activities
3. Bank Overdraft
Cash Flow Statement
1. Keep your concepts strong
2. Revision is must
3. Study theory part thoroughly
4. Solve accounting problems
5. Practice computerized accounting
6. Analyze previous year’s papers
How to Prepare for CBSE 12 Accountancy?