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Easiest Chapters for CBSE 12th Board Chemistry

Chemistry is the most complex subject for 12th board students. Memorizing a bunch of chemical reactions can be mind numbing at times.To simplify this difficult subject, you can start with the Easiest Chapters for CBSE 12th Boards Chemistry
The best approach to cover a difficult subject like Chemistry is to complete the easiest chapters first and gradually proceed to the toughest ones.
How to Prepare 12th Chemistry?
To secure good marks in CBSE 12th Board Chemistry, students can cover easiest chapters first that include Biomolecules, Solutions,Chemistry in Everyday LIfe and Polymers.
Easiest Chapters in 12th Chemistry
If you rate chapter on Biomolecules, it can be ranked lowest in difficulty level. Students need to cover properties and functions of various chemical compounds.
What to Cover in Biomolecules?
This chapter is practical-oriented hence enhances 12th students' chances of fetching the highest score. As it is related to real life students can cover it easily.
Chemistry in Everyday Life Topics
Polymers is another easy chapter in CBSE 12th Board Chemistry. It covers topics on biodegradable and non-biodegradable polymers that students find simple.
Important Topics in Polymers
This chapter basically deals with the concept of solutions and their characteristics. Understanding concepts is comparatively easier compared to other chapters.
Important Topics in Solutions chapter
To get a good grip of Chemistry, refer to the following:
1. Modern’s ABC of Chemistry
2. CBSE Chapterwise Solutions
3.Concise Inorganic Chemistry 5th Edition
CBSE 12th Board Chemistry References