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Easiest Chapters for CBSE 12th Boards Physics

Wondering how to prepare Physics for CBSE 12th boards? Focussing on easier and important chapters can help you score good marks in Physics. Tap for the list of easiest chapters for CBSE 12th Board Physics to ease your preparation.
The list of easy to prepare chapters are:
1. Coulomb’s Law of Vector
2. Gauss’s law of applications
3. Electric dipole in the external electric field
4. Electric dipole on axial
Electromagnetic Charges and Field
1. Ohm’s Law
2. Limitations of ohm’s law
3. Combination of resistors
4. Combination of cells
5. Meter Bridge
Chapters from Current Electricity
Chapters that require less efforts are:
1. Motion in a magnetic field
2. Velocity Selector
3. Ampere’s circuital law
4. Hysteresis loop
Magnetic Effects of Current and Magnetism
Given below are some easy topics from CBSE 12th Physics:
1. Image formation by spherical mirrors
2. Power and combination of lenses
3. Microscope
4. Telescope
Chapters from Ray Optics
Easier topics from Atoms and Nuclei include:
1. Electron Orbits
2. Radioactivity
3. Bohr Model of a Hydrogen atom
Chapters from Atoms and Nuclei
1. Prepare from NCERT Syllabus
2. Practice Numerical Questions
3. Remember Formulas and Equations
4. Focus on easier chapters
Tips to Score Well in Class 12th Physics