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Every Girl Child is Important: National Girl Child Day 2023

National Girl Child Day is celebrated on 24 January to enable & empower girls. In a progressive & emerging country like India, it is important that we identify their potential and help them make an impact at global level. Know more!
The objective to celebrate National Girl Child Day is to create awareness about the rights girls have and to provide them equal opportunities.
Why is National Girl Child Day Celebrated?
The day was first initiated in the year 2008 by the Ministry of Women and Child Development.
Beginning of National Girl Child Day
To celebrate National Girl Child Day 2023, the Ministry of Education organized an event on the 'Self Defence Training for Girls' theme.
National Girl Child Day 2023 Celebration
As per Census 2021, the male-female sex ratio has increased from 919 females per 1000 males in 2015-16 to 929 females per 1000 males in 2019-2021. In 2022, it was 1020 girls on 1000 boys.
Male-Female Gender Ratio in India
The increased awareness, education for girls, and strict laws on prenatal sex determination have contributed to the improvement in the fertility rate.
Contributors in Improved Gender Ratio
Gita Gopinath - The first Indian woman to assume the position of Chief Economist at the IMF
Avani Chaturvedi - The first Indian woman fighter pilot to fly the ‘MiG-21 Bison’ solo
Indian Women Achievers
Avani Lekhara - The first woman to win a gold medal in the Paralympics
Mithali Raj - Lady Tendulkar of Indian Women's cricket
Arunima Sinha - The Mount Everest Girl
Women Achievers (Continued)
Tessy Thomas- the first woman to head an Indian missile project
Kavita Devi - the first female professional wrestler from India to wrestle in the WWE
Women Achievers (Continued)
A groundbreaking achievement of India is that women from underprivileged backgrounds have also got due credit. Droupadi Murmu 15th President of India Mary Kom- Boxing champion
Women Achievers from “Reserved” background
To ensure every girl in India gets the right education, the Indian government and private brands offer different scholarships.
Education for Every Girl in India
It provides financial assistance of Rs. 30,000-40,000 to the girl candidates who got admission to the 1st year of diploma/degree program in an AICTE-approved institution.
Pragati Scholarship by HRD
It offers a fellowship of up to Rs. 40,000 to women starting a career after a break as scientists in the S&T domain.
DST Women Scientist Fellowship (WOS-A)
This is a one-time scholarship of INR 25,000 offered to a girl who has fought against the odds to pursue the career of her dreams.
Intern Shala Scholarship
1. Ensure that underprivileged children (of your house help etc) around you have access to education
2. Volunteer to educate a group of students to help them foresee bright career opportunities
How Can I Contribute to Education for Girls?
1. Teach them self-defense
 2. Teach them the value of financial independence
How Can I Empower Girls Around Me?