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How to Score 360 in Biology in NEET 2023

Biology comprises a total of 90 questions which weigh 360 marks. It has the highest weightage of all the subjects covered in NEET. Is it possible to score 360 in Biology in NEET 2023? Tap to know how to Score 360 in Biology in NEET 2023.
Some high-weightage topics in Biology are:
● Biological Classification
● Human Reproduction
● Morphology of flowering plants
● Sexual Reproduction in Flowering Plants
● Animal Kingdom
Focus on Learning Important Concepts
These books help students learn Biology topics in-depth
● Biology Vol 1 and 2 by Trueman
● Objective Biology by Dinesh
● Objective Biology by Ansar
● Pradeep Guide on Biology
Study from the Best Books
Diagrams comprise specific labelling and precise detailing, which cannot be cracked by just memorizing. Practice drawing daily to score maximum marks in NEET Biology 2023.
Practice Diagrams Instead of Mugging Up
To score 360 in biology in NEET 2023, active revision is crucial. One can use techniques like creating mind maps, learning from flashcards, using mnemonics, etc.
Charter the Route of Active Revision
Following a study plan can be daunting and requires patience. So, break your study schedule in smaller parts and focus on achieving one goal at a time.
Adopt Goal-Based Learning Model