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ICSE Vs CBSE Board - Which is Better?

Have you ever wondered which is better - ICSE or CBSE? See the top differences between CBSE and ICSE and make an informed decision while selecting the school!
CBSE-ICSE Teaching Methodology
The difference between the ICSE-CBSE Board is the approach to teaching methodology. While CBSE focuses on theoretical concepts, ICSE prefers a more practical approach.
Level of Ease in CBSE vs ICSE
CBSE Syllabus is much easier, well structured, and compact compared to ICSE Syllabus. In the ICSE Board, the focus is on a detailed study of all the subjects.
ICSE vs CBSE: Language of Education
While CBSE-ICSE boards conduct classes primarily in English, ICSE is more stringent with the language preference, while CBSE is more liberal.
CBSE vs ICSE: Ease of Transfer
Because CBSE schools are available throughout India, students studying in CBSE Board enjoy the ease of transfer, contrary to ICSE Board, where schools are scarce.
ICSE and CBSE Boards Recognition
The Government of India recognizes CBSE, while a private autonomous body governs ICSE. CBSE is more popular in India because of this
CBSE vs ICSE: Grading system
CBSE offers an alphabetical grading system while ICSE evaluates its students by providing marks. CBSE is more scoring than ICSE.