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Lesser Known Facts about SSC CGL Exam

SSC CGL is a popular national level recruitment exam organized to select candidates for various central government posts. There are some lesser known facts about the SSC CGL exam that aspiring candidates must know. Click here to check the same!
An important fact about SSC CGL is its syllabus covers major questions on current affairs. To fetch good marks, preparing topics on current affairs is vital.
Current Affair Fetch Good Marks
Out of 25 questions in SSC CGL paper, candidates can expect at least 5 questions on vocabulary or fundamentals of the English language. So don’t ignore grammar.
Never Ignore Grammar Section
In the mathematics section, many students resort to tricky shortcuts for scoring higher, however it's the wrong method. Try focusing on concepts and not shortcut tricks.
Focus on Concepts & not Tricks
A lesser known fact about SSC CGL is that in Tier I, mathematics questions are based on 10+2 level so candidates must practice from a school math book to crack the exam.
Practice School Level Math
Another fact SSC CGL examinees must know is that you shouldn’t remain content by scoring just above cutoff. Rather, aim for a score that helps you secure a job.
Aim for More than Cutoff