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Most Important Chapters in CBSE 10th Board Science

Class 10th Science is based on rational learning. With correct preparation and focus on the most important chapters, students can score good marks. Check the list of most important chapters in CBSE 10th Board Science to ace the preparation.
List of important topic from Chemical Reactions and Equations include:
⦿ Types of Chemical Reactions
⦿ Oxidation-Reduction
⦿ Corrosion
Topics in Chemical Reactions and Equations
To secure good marks in CBSE 10th Board Science, students can prepare topics like:
☉ Reaction of Acid and Bases
☉ Application of pH
☉ Formation of NaOH
Topic in Acid, Bases and Salts
Important topics from Metal and non-Metal Chapter include:
☉ Chemical Properties of Metals
☉ Reactivity Series
☉ Extraction of Metals
Metals and Non-Metals Topics
The list of important topics are                          ☉ Photosynthesis
☉ Digestion in Humans
☉ Respiration in Humans
☉ Circulation in Humans
☉ Urine Formation in Humans
Important Topics from Life Processes
High-weightage topics in Light-Reflection and Refraction include:
☉ Reflection and Refraction Of Light
☉ Mirror Formula and Lens Formula
Topics from Light- Reflection and Refraction
Important topics to cover in Our Environment are:
⦾ Food Chain and Food Web
⦾ Energy Flow in an Ecosystem
⦾ 3Rs to save the Environment
Topics to Focus on in Our Environment