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Most Important Chapters in CBSE 12th Biology

Biology is both a scoring and complex subject that can be aced with the right preparation strategy. To help students secure good marks in Biology, here’s the list of most important chapters in CBSE 12th Board Biology. Tap to check!
1. Principles of Inheritance & Genetics      2. Molecular Basis of Inheritance 
3. Human Health & Disease         
4. Microbes in Human Welfare         
5. Biotechnology & Its Application
6. Human Reproduction
Top 6 Chapters You Can’t Miss
In 12th board, Principles of Inheritance & Genetics is important. Students should focus on Mendel’s laws, Post-Mendelian genetics & Chromosomal disorders & Pedigree analysis.
Principles of Inheritance & Genetics
CBSE 12 board aspirants should thoroughly prepare topics on structure of DNA, Lac operon, salient features of genetic code and experiments by
F. Griffith, Hershey & Chase.
Molecular Basis of Inheritance
In Human Health & Disease, 12th aspirants should not miss topics like Difference between innate & adaptive immunity, Life cycle of Plasmodium and AIDS and Drug abuse.
Human Health & Disease
Another important and scoring chapter is Microbes and students should definitely cover NCERT topics on Sewage treatment, Biogas production & Microbes and their Products.
Microbes in Human Welfare
Topics that CBSE 12th candidates should pay special attention to include Gene therapy, Bt cotton, RNA interference and Genetically engineered insulin.
Biotechnology & Its Application
In the chapter on Human Reproduction, CBSE 12th aspirants should thoroughly understand the concepts of fertilization, Gametogenesis and Events of Pregnancy.
Human Reproduction