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Most Important Chapters in CBSE 12th Board Mathematics

Mathematics often gives nightmares to students due to it’s difficulty level. However, students can still score well by focusing on high-scoring chapters. Find here the list of the most important chapters in CBSE 12th Board Mathematics.
1. Integrals
2. Application of the Integrals 3. Differential Equation
4. Vector
5. Three-dimensional Geometry 6. Probability
Most Important Mathematics chapter
Integrals is perhaps the most scoring and important chapter in CBSE 12th Board. Students should focus on basic properties & evaluation of simple & definite integrals.
CBSE generally sets questions on applications used when finding areas under lines or parabolas. CBSE 12th Board students need to learn about areas of circles thoroughly.
Application of the Integrals
In this chapter, topics like order and degree, solutions of homogeneous differential equations of first order and degree are considered important for CBSE 12th Mathematics.
Differential Equation
Vector is another important chapter and students can expect questions on types, magnitude, direction, components and definition of vectors.
Coplanar & Skew line, vector equation of line, shortest distance between two lines and distance of a point from plane are the most important topics in CBSE 12th.
Three-dimensional Geometry
Probability is the easiest and the most important chapter in 12th mathematics. To score highest in this chapter, cover conditions, total probability and Bayes’ theorem.
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