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Which Chapters can be Skipped for CBSE Board 12th 2023?

CBSE 12th exam is knocking on the door! There are some students who are yet to complete the syllabus and looking for the chapters that can be skipped for CBSE Board 12th 2023 preparation. If you are also one of them, check the list here.
As per updated CBSE 12th Board syllabus, chapters like An Elementary School Classroom in a Slum, Evans Tries an O-level and Should Wizard hit Mommy were deleted in English core.
CBSE 12th English Core Deleted Chapters
Students with English Elective can skip chapters on Blood, Science fiction, Broken Images, Argumentative Indian, Tomorrow and One cm.
Reduced Syllabus in English Elective
In 12th Math, students need not prepare topics like composite functions, properties of determinants, Integrals, scalar triple products of vectors and linear programming.
Topics That Can be Skipped in Math
CBSE deleted chapters on Electrical Resistors, Cyclotron, Eddy currents, LC oscillations, & Davisson-germer experiment from physics 12th board.
Chapters That Can be Skipped in Physics
CBSE deleted chapters on Biomolecules, Surface Chemistry, Block Elements, Polymers, Organic compounds containing Nitrogen in 12th Chemistry.
Chapters That Can be Skipped in Chemistry
History is another complex subject students struggle to complete. CBSE removed chapters on Mughal court & East India revenue settlement from colonialism chapter.
Chapters That Can be Skipped in History
CBSE 12th students can skip topics on Govt. Budget and the Economy, Current challenges in Indian economy and Balance of Payments.
Chapters That Can be Skipped in Economics