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Will NEET and JEE be Merged into CUET

Will NEET and JEE be merged into CUET? These are three major entrance exams and getting answer to this question is essential for the aspirants to give their preparation the right direction. If you are also wondering, tap here for the answer
As per reports, merger of top three entrance NEET, JEE and CUET is just a vague concept which is expected to be implemented within 2 years or even more.
Govt Plan for NEET, JEE & CUET Merger
UGC Chairman Jagdesh kumar in a statement last month revealed his objective on merging the top three entrance exams to shed some study load from students.
Why Merge NEET, JEE into CUET?
By merging NEET and JEE into CUET, the government aims at helping students to get rid of studying physics, chemistry and math for three entrance exams and focus on one exam.
Outcome of Merger of NEET, JEE and CUET
Content of textbooks is pretty huge from 9 standards that lets students aspiring for competitive exams rely on several materials. NEP-2020 aims at reducing the load on students.
New Education Policy 2020