Do Backlogs Affect the Student Visa Process?

By Sristy Sharma Updated On - Apr 29, 2022 06:21 PM

Are you worried about backlogs becoming the reason for your student visa application rejection? Then you have arrived at the right place! Read below to find out whether backlogs have any effect on the student visa process, and if they do, then to which extent.

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While you apply for admission to foreign universities, it becomes important to take care of matters related to your qualifying degree. There might be some subjects where you have backlogs and while these do have an impact on the admission process, their effect on the student visa process has been a frequent question among students. 

Overall, backlogs have nothing to do with the student visa process directly. As the visa process is related to an applicant's immigration rights, it is entirely dependent on whether the applicant can be allowed to enter the country or not. However, although backlogs do not have any direct effect on the student visa process, it is seen that in certain cases they might lead to rejection of student visa applications.

We have prepared this read for you to understand How and When your backlogs can have an impact on your visa approval.

Know More About Effect of Backlogs On Your Visa Approval!

What are Study Backlogs?

All the subjects or papers that you have failed to clear or pass during your program of study are collectively known as backlogs.

You would be required to sit back for these papers and score the required minimum marks in order to clear your backlogs. While some papers may have a limited number of attempts available to clear the backlog, for some you may attempt as many times as you want. Here, you must make sure that you do not have any active backlogs while applying for admission abroad.

When applying to a foreign institution for a course program, all the information related to previous qualifications have to be furnished, thereby disclosing the following

  • Have you had any backlog(s) in any subject?

  • Is any of your backlogs active?

  • How many attempts did you take to clear your backlogs?

  • In which subjects did you have backlogs?

This information is supported with the help of a backlog certificate, which is required at the time of admissions process in most of the universities abroad. Apart from a certificate, you can provide background and further information on these backlogs in your Statement of Purpose or college essays, if asked.

Effect of Backlogs on Student Visa Process

As mentioned above, your backlogs would have no impact whatsoever on your student visa process, which is based on the following:

  • Documents to be filed for visa application

  • Financial incapability

  • Character or behavior problems

  • Legal problems

  • Intention to depart from destination country after student visa expiry

  • Visa interview or visa letter/SOP

  • Travel history

Yet, there are cases where backlogs have become the core cause behind the rejection of student visa applications;

  • Absence of letter of enrolment from the university

  • Rejection of admission application by the university

Absence of Letter of Enrolment from the University

The absence of the letter of enrolment from the institution means that your admission is still  not final and hence following points become important:

  • Is the admission procedure as per the tentative or declared schedule of the university?

  • Are there admission lists that are yet to be declared by the university?

  • Are the number of backlogs such that they can result in the rejection of the candidate's admission application?

  • Are the backlog subjects important to the point that rejection of the candidate’s admission application is possible?

  • What is the acceptance rate of the university?

  • The manner in which the university deals with backlogs, and whether it has accepted students with backlogs before?

If any of these questions give an answer which is not favorable to the possibility of your admission, then the Student Visa application can get rejected. 

The Student Visa approval is wholly dependent on determining whether you are a suitable candidate to be allowed immigration rights within the country or not. In cases where the admission application of a candidate has still not been accepted, their student visa may be rejected

Rejection of Admission Application by the University

Even if your backlogs are accepted by the university, the subjects in which you have backlogs may lead to the rejection of your visa application. This happens when the subject is relevant to the program you are applying for. Once the application is rejected by the university you have applied to, you will no longer be eligible for Student Visa. Hence, while the backlogs do not have a direct effect on the student visa process, them being the basis for your inability or probable inability to enter the country may end up becoming the base reason for rejection of student visa application, even if all your documents and other formalities are complete and true.

In conclusion, you have no reason to worry if you already have your Letter of Enrolment on hand. Also, you should make sure that you do not have any active backlogs while applying to a university. Even a single active backlog may result in rejection of your admission, further resulting in rejection of your student visa.


Effect of Standardised Tests on Student Visa

Apart from the Backlogs in academics, sometimes Standardised test scores may also affect your Student Visa. The effect of Standardised tests on your Student Visa can be understood in the following situations:

  • If you have attempted standardised tests multiple times and your scores are still not enough to confirm your admission, then submitting them in absence of an acceptance letter may get your student visa rejected. This is because the probability of your acceptance is now low. However, if you have received your acceptance letter then you have to submit that and the scores will not matter for your visa application.

  • Although you do not have multiple attempts your standardised scores are not enough to get you admission to the universities of your chosen study abroad destination, then again they will result in your student visa getting rejected. Though again presence of an acceptance letter will reverse the situation, as the probable effect is now confirmed, and you are eligible for a student visa.

  • If your standardised test scores are enough to get you admitted in most universities of the study abroad destination, but not enough to get admission in the university or universities you have applied for, then also they become a reason for rejection of your student visa application.

In order to decide the effect of the standardised test score, each study abroad destination has an average score determined for reference. This score is the average minimum score required to get admission to universities of a study abroad destination.

Do backlogs affect student visa?

Backlogs can affect the student visa process in certain circumstances. These include the absence of a letter of enrollment or acceptance letter of universities applied to or rejection of admission application as applied to university or universities.

How do justify backlogs in Visa Interview?

To justify backlogs in Visa interviews, either your current academic status must be enough to get you admission to most universities, or your other qualifications must be far better to get you admitted to universities of that country. Alternatively, the acceptance letter is the best justification.

Are backlogs mentioned in degree?

Backlogs are mentioned in degree if they are continuing or have not been cleared yet. Cleared backlogs are not reflected in the degree. Most of the time only the final score of the subject is given in the degree, or sometimes the year of clearing the subject is given, but the attempts are not shown.

Is Student Visa rejected if more number of backlogs?

Visa is not rejected if more backlogs. As it has been established visa is not rejected due to backlogs, therefore the number of backlogs do not matter. It is the possibility of non-admission to universities applied due to the presence of a backlog that affects the student visa process. If the acceptance letter is not there and a number of backlogs may result in admission rejection, then the visa can get rejected.

Is absent considered as backlog?

Absent is considered as a backlog depending on circumstances. However, since it has not resulted in any scoring its effect on the student visa process is reduced. If the absent has resulted in absence of an important score and it is possible that admission application will get rejected, then absent may lead to visa rejection as well.

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