Cheapest Universities to Study MBA in Australia


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Updated on Aug 08, 2022 06:29 PM IST

Getting an MBA degree can be an affordable experience with these cheapest universities to study MBA in Australia. Explore the advantages of doing an MBA from these colleges and the high-paying jobs after graduation. 

Cheapest Universities to Study MBA in Australia
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Cheapest MBA in Australia for Indian students: An MBA degree from  Australia can help one climb the career ladder faster but it certainly comes at a considerable cost. 

Although high tuition costs worry domestic students, for international students, these worries double up just like the overall cost of an MBA program in Australia. Students need to consider not only the tuition fee but also the cost of living, transportation costs and so on. That said, Indians can now pursue an MBA at some of the cheapest MBA colleges in Australia. 

Refer here to find the cheapest universities in Australia for MBA, their annual tuition fees, and entry requirements. Students can also explore the top 10 MBA specialisations to study in Australia, and the 10 highest-paying jobs after completing MBA in Australia.

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Advantages of MBA in Australia

Studying in the cheapest MBA colleges in Australia can help international students significantly and focus on their learning experience.  Some of the advantages of completing an MBA in Australia are discussed below briefly:

International Recognition

As an MBA graduate from Australia, international students will be able to apply for jobs in other countries as well, including their home countries. The preceding positive reputation will not only help students in accessing the best opportunities but will also allow them to negotiate the best-working terms for themselves.

Numerous MBA Specialisations

There are various specialisations made available by the cheapest MBA in Australia for international students. They can easily shortlist various colleges for any specialisation. As the majority of MBA colleges in Australia are highly reputed, students will be able to choose the best for their careers. Over 20 specialisations are available for MBA courses in Australia, including the popular ones like HR Management and Marketing, and some unique ones, like Sustainable Development and Fashion and Luxury Brand Management.

Holistic Development of Skills

MBA courses in Australia are not designed only to hone management skills and other concepts relevant to the specialisation chosen. They also focus on soft skills development.  MBA courses in the country aim to imbibe skills like communication, leadership, motivation, interpersonal skills, etc. in  students through various, individual and group assessments and projects.

Opportunities to Study and Work 

International students in Australia are allowed to work for up to 20 hours per week according to their student visa. They can manage both education and living expenses by making their own income through part-time jobs. There are various types of part-time jobs available in Australia for international students. Moreover, the cap is only on the work hours and not on income. 

Better Professional Network

MBA colleges in Australia not only devout highly qualified faculty to teach their students, but they also conduct various seminars, field visits, practical learning experiences, and internships, for students to learn from accomplished personalities of their specialisations. International students are encouraged to connect with alumni to learn about their career trajectory and decision-making process. These activities and accessibility allow students to gain a clear insight into real-life situations. Moreover, they are able to build a strong network with established individuals in the field, which can help them in their future careers.

Cheapest Universities in Australia for MBA

The MBA in Australia cost for international students can range anywhere between AUD 50,000 and 822,500. The annual tuition fee is dependent on varying factors including university, specialisation, number of credits (if any), region, amenities and equipment, etc. International students who cannot afford high tuition fees can opt for cheaper MBA colleges in Australia.

Here are some of the cheapest MBA colleges in Australia listed along with their annual tuition fees.

MBA College in Australia

Annual Tuition Fees (in AUD)

Central Queensland University


Charles Darwin University


Edith Cowan University


Federation University


Holmes Institute




James Cook University


Kaplan Business School


Southern Cross University


University of Southern Queensland


University of Sunshine Coast


Victoria University


Eligibility Criteria for MBA in Australia

nternational students applying to MBA colleges in Australia have to fulfil certain eligibility criteria. These are:

  • Bachelor’s Degree: A three or four-year bachelor’s degree is a must for any international applicant. The degree must have been acquired from a recognised university in the country.

  • GPA: A good Grade Point Average to study in Australia is within the range of 2.3-3.2 on a 4.0 scale.

  • GMAT: GMAT scores of 500-600 are the common requirements for international students to apply for admission to MBA colleges in Australia. Some b-schools accept the GMAT scores between 400 and 500 as well.

  • GRE: Many universities accept GRE scores as an alternative to GMAT scores. The minimum requirement is either mentioned by the university or a GRE score equivalent to mentioned GMAT score is expected. Also, a higher GRE quant score is required.

  • English Proficiency Tests: Popular English proficiency tests such as IELTS, PTE, TOEFL or Duolingo scores are accepted.

  • MBA SOP: Although not expressly required, MBA colleges in Australia expect international students to submit an MBA SOP stating their motivations to join the course along with their future goals.

  • Application Essay: Additional application essays are a common requirement among MBA colleges in Australia. They may ask for essays on question prompts or suggest topics for application essays to choose from.

  • LORs: The majority of MBA colleges in Australia require applicants to submit at least two letters of recommendation for admission. 

  • Work Experience: A work experience certificate in a relevant job profile is a common requirement for admission to MBA colleges in Australia. International students are asked to present work experience of 2-5 years.

Top 10 MBA Specialisations for International Students in Australia

There are various MBA specialisations which can be studied in Australia. Some of the most popular MBA specialisations to study in Australia are as follows:

MBA Specialisation



The specialisation deals with incorporating the concepts and digital commercialisation into the working of an organisation.


The study of financial concepts, its flow management, and how to make it earn for the organisation.

Human Resource

The branch deals with the management of the most important and complicated resources of the organisation.

Internal Business Management

It is based on ensuring a cohesive and coordinating environment within the business organisation.

International Business

The concept is to expand and establish the business an international trade and commerce.

IT Management

The involvement of IT in business organisations and its management techniques are taught in this specialisation.


The concepts of product marketing and establishing the organisation as a brand.

Strategy and Leadership

The core tools required to manage an organisation and its various functions are studied in depth.

Supply Chain Management

The ways to manage the supply flow to create a consistent market for the organisation.

Tourism Management

The specialisation deals with the importance of tourism to an economy and how to manage and develop it into a flourishing business.

Cost of Living in Australia for International Students 

Life as an international student in Australia involves various expenses apart from tuition costs, such as rent, hydro (electricity), internet, telephone, etc. The average monthly living costs in Australia are AUD 1,000-1,400. Here are some of the identifiable living costs in Australia along with their monthly expenditure:

Living Expenses in Australia

Approx. Amount (in AUD)

Accommodation Rent (monthly)


Food and Groceries (monthly)


Clothing and Other Necessities (monthly)


Internet and Telephone (monthly)


Electricity (monthly)


Travel Expenses (monthly)


Entertainment (monthly)


Medical Expenses or Other Emergencies (one-time)


Miscellaneous (monthly)


10 High Paying Jobs After MBA in Australia

If international students wish to pursue a career in organisational networks, here are 10 high-paying job opportunities after MBA in Australia along with the average annual salary:

Job Profiles

Average Annual Salary (in AUD)

Business Analyst


Business Development Manager




Financial Advisor


Industry Specialist


General Manager


Human Resource Manager


Marketing Manager


Product Manager


Sales Manager


Source: &

MBA is among the most popular master's courses with the highest possible ROI. International students can benefit significantly by applying to the cheapest MBA colleges in Australia. Moreover, Australia is a hub of heavy industrial sectors and profitable sectors. Students can learn through insights into the economy and use their know-how to flourish further in their careers. Students are advised to research properly about the universities, specialisations, course curricula, etc. before applying for an MBA in Australia.

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How much does MBA in Australia cost for Indian students?

Generally, an  MBA in Australia costs INR 35,76,000-4,70,35,000 per year for Indian students. These costs are significantly high for students belonging to middle-class or lower-income families. However, students can opt for less-expensive options by applying to cheap MBA colleges in Australia whichcost about INR 15,30,000-26,34,000 annually.

Can I apply for MBA in Australia without any work experience?

Yes, you can apply for MBA in Australia without any work experience. You can use a high GPA, GMAT scores, MBA SOP, application essays, and LORs to ensure that you are accepted even with a lack of work experience. If you are clear about your reasons for not having work experience, it will work better for you.

What is the minimum Duolingo score required to apply for MBA in Australia?

The minimum Duolingo score required to apply for MBA in Australia is 115. The majority of MBA colleges require students to have a high level of fluency in the English language to study the courses designed. The students with a Duolingo score of 115 and above have been observed to easily cope and understand the course curriculum.

Which are the best intakes to apply for MBA in Australia?

The best intakes to apply for MBA in Australia are the February and July intakes. However, there are certain universities that accept applications on a rolling basis. International students can apply to these universities anytime within the large window.

Is it compulsory to submit English proficiency test scores to study MBA in Australia?

Yes, if you belong to a country where the native language is not English, it is compulsory to submit English proficiency test scores to study MBA in Australia. Many colleges offer leeway to students from countries where courses are usually delivered in English. They may be asked to show a certain grade in their compulsory English language exam as an alternative to test scores.

Who is eligible to apply to cheap MBA colleges in Australia?

The eligibility criteria to apply to cheap MBA colleges in Australia are  different for each university . The colleges decide their eligibility criteria, which may differ for different MBA specialisations. However, a student must have a bachelor’s degree with a minimum GPA (as required) to apply for MBA courses in Australia. 

What is the MBA course duration at cheap MBA colleges in Australia?

The MBA course duration at cheap MBA colleges in Australia can varyfor different universities. However, most of the MBA courses in Australia last for one and a half to two years. All the courses have at least 12 months of theoretical course curriculum and six months of practical learning. Hence, all MBA colleges in Australia offer courses lasting at least 18 months.

Does my financial background affect my admission to cheap MBA colleges in Australia?

Yes, your financial background may affect your admission to cheap MBA colleges in Australia. If your financial background is too poor to get a loan sanctioned and you have no merit to become an awardee of full or 100% scholarship programmes, the university may reject your application. However, if you have merit, you can use it along with your financial background to get a scholarship.

Is there any other way to cut down the tuition fees to study MBA in Australia?

There are some ways which can help in cutting down the tuition fees to study MBA in Australia. These include scholarships, fellowships, course sponsors, and competitive awards. International students can appropriate the awards and money for their tuition fees and lessen their immediate burden. Additionally, students can opt for part-time courses which allow them to work full-time and still attend their MBA courses.

Can part-time jobs help in managing education costs to study MBA in Australia?

No, part-time jobs cannot help you in managing education costs to study MBA in Australia. The education costs include tuition fees, college fees, ancillary fees, course fees, study material, and other various course study materials costs. Morever, the income from part-time jobs may be low  to cover these. That said, you can make can use of part-time jobs income to manage your lifestyle as an international student in Australia.

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