Connectors for IELTS Writing Task 2 - Tips and Functions

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In order to maintain a flow and coherence in writing, it is essential to use connectors. In this article, you will get to know about the various linkers for IELTS Writing Task 2.

Connectors for IELTS Writing Task 2 - Tips and Functions
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Linking words or connectors for Writing Task 2 in IELTS are words that are used to connect ideas or two sentences using a word or a phrase. A few examples of connectors are ‘firstly’, ‘moreover’, ‘for example’, ‘of course’ and ‘therefore’. Short sentences usually lack lustre whereas sentences that are way too long can make understanding them a bit tedious. 

In order to combat these problems, linking connectors for Task 2 come to the rescue. Effective use of linking words shows your mastery of the English language and also helps you score high in the assessment criteria of coherence and cohesion.

The linking devices will refine both your IELTS General Training and Academic essay. So, here’s what you need to know to improve your knowledge of connectors for writing Task 2 and convey the meaning correctly. 

Importance of Connectors for Writing Task 2 IELTS

Linking words are used in sentences to add information, give examples, summarise, give a reason and contrast ideas. They also flaunt the test taker's lexical resource and display knowledge. Here are the reasons why the connectors for IELTS Task 2 are :

  • Connecting words brings greater clarity to your writing enabling the examiner to understand the meaning that you convey.

  • Creates a relationship between the components of a sentence or two sentences.

  • Helps in rendering an idea, aim, purpose or opinion.

  • They make the conclusion look better.

  • Linking words act as a grammatical tool to make writing speech coherent and fluent.

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Types of IELTS Connectors for Task 2

While writing the IELTS essay topics in Task 2, you have to use a variety of linking words to enhance the sentences. Make sure that you use linking in an appropriate way. Here are the types of task 2 connectors along with examples:

Types of Connectors


Linking Words


To list down some points

Firstly, secondly, lastly, finally, last but not least,  furthermore, to begin, to conclude

Order of Relevance

To create a hierarchy of importance

Essentially, basically, most importantly, most significantly, primarily, above all


To prove that two or more points are similar

Likewise, similarly, in the same way, also, simultaneously, correspondingly


To provide a cause

As, since, because, due to, owing to

Giving Example

For the purpose of illustration 

Such as, for example, for instance, namely, to illustrate, in other words, to cite an example, as follows, that is

Adding information

To give extra knowledge

Also, in addition, additionally, not only…but also, and, as well as, moreover, furthermore, what is more


To put things in general time

On a whole, as a rule, generally, in general, 


To denote the time of occurrence

Then, afterwards, later, meanwhile, at first

Outcomes and Consequences

To denote the results

Thus, therefore, hence, so, as a result, consequently, due to


To compare two or more things

In spite of, despite, still, alternatively, in contrast, although, though, nevertheless, however, but, another opinion could be, in comparison


To put emphasis

Clearly, of course, specifically, obviously, especially, particularly, in particular

Giving Opinion

To give a point of view

I think, I believe, in my opinion, I concur, I agree, I disagree, I admit


To reject something

Anyhow, anyway, at any rate


To shed light on something

With regard to, regarding, focusing on, as for, as far as, talking of, when it comes to


To end the essay

To sum up, in conclusion, to conclude, therefore, in brief, to summarise

Tips to Correctly Use Connectors for Task 2 For IELTS Essay

As you see that there is a long list of linking words to use, you must not overuse it. It is essential to write them in moderation. Some of the key tips to consider while using connectors for writing Task 2 are:

  • Avoid Using Way Too Many Linkers: Some students use connectors in each and every sentence they write. Though grammatically, they may be correct, it makes the writing seem mechanical and strips off its flow.

  • Use Connectors Wisely: There are hundreds of words and phrases that can be used but the usage should be relevant to the context and appropriate.

  • Write Variety of Writing Task 2 Connectors :This means that you should not repeat the same words again and again. Use different types of linkers to fetch high marks.

  • Do Not Mix Up Connectors: Make sure the connectors are meaningful to that particular sentence.

In order to ace this area, you have to practice using connectors of task 2 while you write an IELTS essay. Take help from the list given above and use them as it may be required. Using proper connectors will help you clear the IELTS exam with flying colours.

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What are some correcting connectors for Task 2?

Some of the connectors for Task 2 that indicates correction in a particular statement are ‘to be more precise’, ‘if you want to’ or ‘rather’. These are used in cases when you are correcting a sentence suppose when you say to someone that the person must eat flatbread rather than rice.

Why are connectors for Task 2 used?

The connectors for task 2 are used to create a bridge between your sentences and make your writing clear to understand for the examiner. Moreover, using appropriate connectors is important for the fact that they testify to the accuracy of vocabulary usage and grammatical range.

Where do you use connectors for IELTS task 2?

You must use connectors for IELTS task 2 when you are creating a transition between sentences and paragraphs, presenting an opinion or statement, giving reasons, beginning and concluding statements, listing down, giving examples or providing additional information. For such instances, there is a variety of linkers that you can use.

What is a better IELTS Task 2 connector for ‘firstly’?

‘Firstly’ is itself a good connector for listing down items in the IELTS Writing Task 2. If you are not satisfied with the use of ‘firstly’, you can use first and foremost, to begin with, first of all, to start with, beforehand and to begin with.

Can IELTS connectors for Task 2 be used in Task 1?

Yes, you can use the connectors for Task 2 in task 1 of IELTS. As you know that Task 1 of IELTS Academic is a description of visual information whereas Task 1 of IELTS General Training is a letter. Both are to be written in a formal tone and hence it is necessary to use connectors to make sentences meaningful.

Can the connectors for Task 2 be used for IELTS Speaking task?

Yes, the connectors for Task 2 can be used for the IELTS Speaking task as well. The purpose of linkers in speaking tasks is to make you fluent while speaking and also to make your language rich. You can use connectors such as ‘and’, ‘also’, ‘at present moment’, ‘although’, ‘because’, ‘I believe that’ and etc.

Where can I practice connectors for Task 2?

To speak generally, there is no need for the separate practice of connectors for Task 2 as you can already practice them while writing an essay. Still, if you think you want to practice connectors separately you can check out various online resources where ample questions in form of fill-in-the-blanks are available along with answers.

What should be the frequency of connectors for Task 2?

The frequency of connectors for Task 2 should be not too many. It can be used once in a while when and wherever required in the essay. Using too many linkers can serve as speed breakers and significantly reduce the marks of candidates. Therefore, it is necessary for candidates to be aware of linkers well.

What are some connectors for Task 2 to denote comparison?

Some of the connectors for Task 2 to denote comparison are ‘similarly’, ‘in the same way’ ‘likewise’, ‘in comparison to’ and ‘in similarity’. They are used to denote likeness or difference between two or more things. Using connectors in such cases, help to connect between different parameters.

What are some connectors for Task 2 to denote emphasis?

The words that are connectors for task 2 to denote emphasis are ‘clearly’, ‘of course’, ‘specially’, ‘especially’, ‘in particular’ and ‘obviously’. You have to use these connectors for the purpose of stressing or highlighting something. Moreover, these connectors add conviction to your essay.

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