List of Documents Indian Students Need for Canada Visa Application

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Wish to study in Canada? You will need to provide the following list of documents to apply for a Study Permit in Canada. Check out the different documents and processes you need to know about along with the Canadian Study Permit Charges, applicable to an Indian student.

With Canada becoming one of the top destinations for higher education, especially among Indian students, more and more aspirants are looking forward to applying for a Canadian Student Visa. However, the Canadian government does not offer a Student Visa, instead, aspirants will be required to apply for a Study Permit along with a Temporary Resident Visa.

A Study Permit in Canada will only allow you to study a programme in one of the many recognised universities in Canada. Meanwhile, you may also be required to apply for a Visitor Visa or an Electronic Travel Authorisation. Therefore, a good rule of thumb is to visit the official website of the Canadian Government and look out for any updates regarding the same.

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Documents Indian Students Require for Study Permit in Canada

For Indian students, all aspirants must ensure that they possess the following list of documents required for a Study Permit in Canada. Since most students will apply online, you must ensure that you have the digital copies required to apply for a Study Permit.

To apply for a Study Permit in Canada, you will need to provide:

  • A Proof of Identification

  • A Proof of Acceptance

  • A Proof of Financial Support

Proof of Identification

To prove their identity, candidates must provide the following list of documents:

  • A Valid Passport or any other travel document.

  • Two Passport-size photographs that were clicked recently.

    • The name and the Date of Birth of the applicant should be written on the back of the photographs.

Proof of Acceptance

In other words, candidates will be required to present a letter of acceptance or and admission offer letter from a recognised University in Canada. Candidates will be required to attach the original or digital copy of the letter of approval they received from the institution.

In the case of conditional admission, candidates will be offered a Study Permit for the duration of the courses that the students need to complete in order to successfully be enrolled in the programme, plus one year, (Duration of the Course + 1 Year). In such situations, after successfully completing the preparation courses and being accepted into the programme, the candidates will be required to apply for a new Study Permit. This is needed to extend a student’s stay in the country.

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Proof of Financial Support

An important aspect of applying for a Study Visa is to provide proof of financial support for you and any other family member that may travel with you. The documents you need to provide in order to give proof of financial support, the following documents can be used:

  • A Canadian Bank account in your name, if you have transferred money to one.

  • Proof of Education or Student Loan from a bank.

  • Your Bank Statements for the Last 4 Months

  • Proof of payment of Tuition Fee

  • Guaranteed Investment Certificate from a valid Financial Institution in Canada.

  • A Bank Draft which can be converted to Canadian Dollars.

  • Proof of funding from within Canada through scholarship or any other Canadian funded educational programme; or

  • A letter from a person or institution providing you with financial support.

You may also be required to provide certain other documents as has been highlighted below:

  • A police certificate proving that you are a law-abiding citizen with no criminal record and stand no risk to Canadian security.

  • A Health certificate proving you to be in a healthy condition. You may be required to take a medical exam as well.

The entire list of documents that you need to provide as part of your Study Permit application will be updated on the official website. Therefore, check your documents before you start your application process.

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How an Indian Student Should Apply for a Canadian Study Permit?

If you are interested in studying in Canada, then you probably will need to apply for a Study Permit. Here are the steps on how to apply for a Canadian Study Permit.

  • Ensure You Have the Documents: Collect and ensure that you have the right documents to apply for a Study Permit in Canada. If you are applying online, ensure you have the digital copies of all your documents.

  • Answer Questions for the Online Tool: When applying, you will be required to answer certain questions so that the website can cater to you, personally and request the appropriate documents.

  • Submit the Application Form: Upload your documents and complete the application form with the relevant, complete and correct information.

  • Pay Your Fees: There are two different fees that you will be required to pay, viz. Processing Fees and the Biometric Fees. Pay these fees to complete your application for a Canadian Study Permit

  • Check Your Status: Once the application form has been submitted, you can check your application status online.

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Canadian Study Permit Fees

As mentioned above, you will need to complete the payment of certain fees successfully complete and submit your application form. There are two categories for which you will be required to pay the fees, viz., the Processing Fee and Biometric Fees.

  • Processing Fees refers to the fees related to processing your Study Permit applications.

  • Biometric Fees will be charged for the collection of fingerprints and a digital photograph.



Processing Fee

CAN$ 150 or INR 8,380

Biometric Fee

CAN$ 85 or INR 4,750

Note: The Canadian government can change the fees subject to their needs and requirements. Therefore, keep checking the official website of the Canadian government to be updated on the latest fees.

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