Ultimate Guide to STEM MBA Programs in USA in 2022


Samarpita Goswami
Updated on Aug 08, 2022 06:14 PM IST

A STEM MBA in USA is garnering popularity primarily because it is a unique blend of technology and management skills. Read on to find out all about the top STEM MBA programs in the US. 

Ultimate Guide to STEM MBA Programs in USA in 2022
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STEM MBA in USA is becoming increasingly popular among US universities as business schools are incorporating STEM elements in their curriculum for MBA. This could be attributed to today’s business environment and how it has been moving at a galloping speed to incorporate the cutting-edge and latest technology. 

MBA STEM courses in USA prepare students to keep up with the fast-evolving business environment that uses the fundamentals of innovative technology, data analytics and creativity that are required for the modern business world. The curriculum of STEM MBA programs in USA has a variety of elective courses to address the fundamentals of the business environment.

STEM MBA empowers and revolutionises the lives around us and its powerful impact can be seen in products and services launched by top multinational companies like Google, Apple, Meta, Amazon and etc. You can even earn more wages with your STEM MBA in USA. Also, you can stay longer with your STEM MBA degree. Let us dive into this comprehensive guide about MBA in USA, the reasons to take up the course, the eligibility and opportunities and the top STEM MBA programs in USA.

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What is STEM MBA in USA?

STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics and STEM MBA integrates technology and analytics into the curriculum with roots in the science of business management.

STEM MBA is an interdisciplinary management program blending elementary business ethics with expertise from engineering, technology and science. Employers across industries are seeking decision-makers, analytical thinkers and management talents who have the knowledge to lead and solve problems in a business environment that is infused with technology.

STEM MBA in USA gives birth to business leaders to manage businesses by utilising technology, analytics and data to make informed decisions. MBA STEM courses in USA are futuristic and designed to deal complexities of modern business problems. 

Benefits of a STEM MBA in USA

There are numerous benefits of a STEM MBA in the USA over the traditional MBA programs.  The few significant advantages of a STEM MBA in USA are:

Utilisation of Technical and Business Knowledge 

If you have done your graduation in a technical field, it is a good opportunity to pursue a STEM MBA and get business expertise while utilising your knowledge of technologies, innovation management and data analytics.

Better Reach in the Job Market

The labour market is facing a dearth of skilled employees. With your business and technical education, you will be in high demand in the market. Further, the USA is attracting and retaining STEM MBA graduates to fill up the high number of job vacancies in STEM fields. The demand for such MBA graduates will keep on burgeoning as more and more industries are heavily dependent on technology.

Better Networking Opportunities

Once you are in your B-school for STEM MBA course in USA, you will get to network with people in the same fields. This will open more opportunities for you in the job market.

STEM-OPT for International Students

MBA students generally get a one-year Optional Practical Training (OPT) whereas those of STEM MBA in USA get 24 months extension on their stay back period. This is a lucrative opportunity for every STEM MBA graduate.

Better Return on Investment (ROI)

Graduates with knowledge from both streams are highly employable with a high starting salary. The STEM MBA graduates get a better Return on Investment in their studies compared to others. Moreover, with a stay back period of 3 years, they can earn larger salaries.

Eligibility Criteria for STEM MBA in USA

The eligibility criteria for STEM MBA in USA are not distinctive. Generally, students from technical backgrounds take up STEM MBA, whereas, others go for general management, human resources and other non-STEM MBA specialisations. Thus, students with science and tech backgrounds might find scope and interest in STEM MBA.  Here are the general eligibility criteria for STEM MBA in USA are:

  • A college-level education that is equivalent to a four-year US degree is required. A three-year degree from India or UK is acceptable.

  • The information given should match the identity card.

  • A language proficiency test certificate along with GMAT or GRE scores are the pre-requisite for the course.

  • A minimum of 2 years of work experience is preferred for a STEM MBA in USA.

STEM MBA in USA Curriculum

A regular STEM MBA curriculum typically consists of 60 credit hours to be completed over a period of 2 years. The curriculum gives experiential learning along with coursework and the core curriculum provides you with ground knowledge of fundamentals and a foundation for advanced and specialised works.

The STEM MBA curriculum in USA consists of three major components:

  • Business Core: This builds broad knowledge in the core fundamental areas of business with courses like Leadership, Marketing, Business Communication, Accounting, and Strategy.

  • Technological Core: This component gives knowledge on courses like Technical Product Management, Software Engineering, Entrepreneurship, Emerging Technologies and Business Analytics.

  • Electives: This explores a specific functional area for STEM MBA. Some of the elective subjects that are included in the STEM MBA curricula are given in the table below:

Core Subjects for STEM MBA

Accounting for Decision Making


Tech Product Management

Sustainable Business and Innovation

Marketing Management

Business Analytics

Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Operations Management 


Brand Management

Top Universities for STEM MBA in USA

The top universities for STEM MBA in USA are maintaining STEM certifications to provide greater job opportunities to students and also to help them to stay in the USA for a longer time. Here are some of the top STEM MBA programs in USA and the business schools offering them:

Business School 

STEM MBA Programs

Harvard Business School

MBA Program with tech simulations

Booth School of Business

Full time MBA, Executive MBA

Haas School of Business

Full-time MBA Program

Evening MBA

Weekend MBA Program

Executive MBA Program

Tepper School of Business


Columbia Business School

Full-time MBA and EMBA

Stanford Graduate School of Business

Full-time MBA

MIT Sloan School of Management

Full-time MBA

SC Johnson Graduate School of Management

Two Years MBA, Tech MBA

Tuck Business School

Management Science And Quantitative Methods Option in Full-time MBA

Kelley School of Business

MBA Majors in Business Analytics, Finance, Marketing, Strategic Analysis of Accounting Information and Supply Chain and Operations are STEM Designated

Yale School of Management

MBA, Master of Advanced Management and Master’s Degree in Asset Management 

Michigan Ross

STEM-Designated Specialization in Management Science for MBA

Darden School of Business

Management Science Specialization

Anderson School of Management

Full-time, Fully-Employed and Executive MBA Programs

Emory Business School

STEM-designated MBA Business Analysis track

Career Prospects After STEM MBA in USA

The industry puts higher stakes on analytical thinkers and data-driven researchers to work in a technological environment. With businesses being driven by data, business skills are intertwined with data analytics and create demand for STEM MBA graduates. The industries in which you can utilise your STEM MBA are:

  • Data Science: In the field of data science, STEM MBA graduates have an edge over others as they know the ways to handle data from a business perspective.

  • Environmental Energy: The environmental resources are dwindling in modern times. MBA graduates having scientific knowledge can create better solutions for manufacturers.

  • Cyber Security: Knowledge of computer science combined with business and management skills can help to protect the data and save the organisation’s online presence.

  • Internet of Things: A knowledge of Artificial Intelligence (AI) will help STEM MBA graduates to use AI in goods and services and thereby broadening their prospects.

A STEM-designated MBA effectively manages and deploys resources to enhance the performance of an organisation. STEM MBA graduates can be considered the most desirable among the growing number of startups as well as MNCs across the world. Moreover, STEM MBA courses are a true mix of technology and management and are the future of the modern workplace.

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Does Stanford have a STEM MBA?

Yes, the Stanford Graduate School of Business has a STEM MBA. Graduates of the program are armed with both business skills and technical skills that are extremely important in today’s modern workplace. On top of that, Stanford STEM MBA graduates get an OPT extension of 24 months.

Is a STEM MBA in USA worth it?

Yes, a STEM MBA in USA is worth it as it will allow you to gain insight into the technical aspects of the business. It will not only help you pace with the growing demand for the STEM MBA labour market but also allow to bag a hefty salary package.

Do STEM MBA in USA graduates get OPT extension?

Yes, STEM MBA graduates get an OPT extension. If you are a traditional MBA graduate, you will get a stay back period on your visa for only 12 months, but if your MBA is based on the field of STEM, you will get a 24-month extension on your 1 year of OPT.

Why is STEM MBA in USA popular?

A STEM MBA in USA is popular as technology and business go hand in hand today. In the dynamic future landscape, business leaders will have to leverage tech and data tools to give leadership to diverse teams. A STEM MBA is increasingly popular as it will allow gaining all the comprehensive experiences together under one business program.

What is the difference between STEM MBA in USA and MBA in USA?

There are certain differences between STEM MBA in USA and traditional MBA in USA in the way of teaching and core focus areas. While STEM MBA builds your business and technical skills, a normal MBA only focuses on business skills. The emphasis is on the STEM curriculum in STEM MBA whereas, in a traditional MBA, the curriculum is structured around networking, PR and negotiation skills.

What jobs can I get with a STEM MBA in USA?

There are different job roles that you can get with a STEM MBA in USA. The popular ones are Computer and Informations System Manager, Architectural and Engineering Manager, Marketing Manager and Management Analyst.

What is the cost to pursue a STEM MBA in USA?

The cost to pursue a STEM MBA in USA can be anywhere between USD 25,000 and USD 75,000. Each business school sets their own tuition fees on a credit hour basis or on an annual basis. The other costs include room and board, living expenses, food expenses, books and stationeries.

Do you get internship opportunities while pursuing STEM MBA in USA?

Yes, you can get internship opportunities while pursuing STEM MBA in USA as it is well known that internships are important to get practical training besides theoretical learning in the classroom. Therefore, you get various projects and assignments along with hands-on experience from the industry experts. 

Does Harvard provide a STEM MBA course?

Yes, Harvard Business School provides STEM MBA course. The Management Science Track Courses at Harvard are focused on management science. It enables students to focus on technical skills and commit to STEM field management careers. By introducing MBA STEM, the school is committed to producing quality business leaders with technical strength.


Yes, the MBA course at New York University is STEM-designated. The specialised coursework along with a focus on experiential learning and technology is the crux of the tech MBA program at the Stern Business School at NYU. Having said that, students have to complete 52 credits in an academic year.

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