Highest Paying Jobs Abroad - Check Jobs in US, UK, Canada, Australia, Germany

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Wish to study overseas? Know the highest paying abroad to make informed choices regarding the courses that will fetch you high salaries on completion of your degrees.

Highest Paying Jobs Abroad - Check Jobs in US, UK, Canada, Australia, Germany
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Highest Paying Jobs Abroad: In recent years, we have been witnessing an upward trend in the migration of Indian youths to study, work and settle abroad. The reason behind this mass immigration is the high quality of education, better job prospects and high-paying jobs abroad.

According to the figures estimated by the Ministry of External Affairs 2022, approximately 1.5 million Indian students are studying abroad. Looking at the massive figures, you can easily understand that foreign countries are providing greener pastures for students. Therefore, choosing the right career is one of the ways to ensure a successful job opportunity. Besides, the country where you are seeking employment is equally important. 

In this article, we will walk you through the courses and countries that allow you to earn a good salary package and fulfil your dreams of a fruitful career.

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Top 5 Courses with Highest Salaries

While the pursuit of knowledge is the main purpose of studying abroad, you must also look at the top courses that provide high salaries to fresh graduates. While studying, you should try to think about more than just your graduate salary. You must focus on building your knowledge and skills that are marketable.

 Here are the top courses that offer you high graduate salaries on completion of your degree:

Computer Engineering

In the computer engineering course, you will be taught to do programming, construct software, learn about design and analysis of algorithms, multicore programming and more. The common career pathways after computer engineering are computer engineer, computer architecture developer, network engineer, system administrator and others.

Electrical Engineering

The major focus areas of electrical engineering are the study of circuits and devices, materials and nanotechnology, applied physics, communications, control and signal processing. Electrical engineering is an interdisciplinary subject where you learn how systems and devices work. You will have technical, analytical and critical skills. The job profiles suited for electrical engineers are system analyst, broadcast engineer, CAD technician and network engineer.

Actuarial Science

In actuarial science, statistics, mathematics and financial theories are used to define the financial aspects of uncertain events which allow businesses to study and adjust their long-term business management strategies. You will mainly forecast the cost and probability of an event. After getting a degree in actuarial science, you will work for consulting firms, banks, financial service companies, etc.

Aerospace Engineering

Aerospace engineering is one of the most complex and toughest degrees. The curriculum is an amalgamation of engineering mechanics, thermodynamics, heat transfer, fluid mechanics, aerodynamics, kinematics, etc. You get to build, develop and test aircraft, helicopters and space crafts as an aerospace engineer. The various job roles in this field are spacecraft developers, operation technicians and aircraft developers.

Business Administration

Business administration helps build skills in finance, financial reporting and control, leadership and organisational behaviour, marketing, technology and operations management. It also builds knowledge of business, government and the international economy. After a degree in business administration, you can work as a human recruiter, supply chain manager, business analyst and more.

Stay Back Period in Countries Paying Highest Salaries

Most countries are providing long stay back periods to international students to work and gain experience in the country. In layman’s terms, stay back period is the time period for which an international student is allowed to stay in a country after completing their studies and finding suitable work opportunities. Once the stay back period is over, they can extend their visas through different governmental schemes. 

Stay back plays an important role in increasing your Return on Investment (ROI) and helping to earn high salaries. Here is a list of countries that offer long stay back and high salaries to students.


Stay Back Period (in years)











As we now know the stay back period of the most popular study abroad destination, we will know in detail the highest paying jobs in these countries.

Highest Paying Jobs in USA

The labour market in the USA is ever expanding with a low unemployment rate of 3.7%. If you have obtained a degree in STEM courses, you will get a two-year extension on Optional Practical Training (OPT) that will allow you to stay back in USA for three years. This will increase the chances of gaining experience and high income. The average yearly salary in USA is USD 94,700 while the median salary range is USD 92,800.

Professional and business services and the healthcare and retail industry have seen a growth in employment in recent times. Also, the average growth rate projected for all jobs is 8% between 2020 and 2030, especially in the healthcare sector. Apart from health care professionals, corporate chief executives get the highest salaries. 

Subjects that pay well in the USA are medicine, aerospace, information technology, marketing, engineering and law. The highest paying jobs in USA are:

Job Roles

Average Annual Salary (in USD)



Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon






Chief Executives


Highest Paying Jobs in UK

As per the reports of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) UK is supposed to have a USD 3.38 trillion economy. With an employment rate of above 75% the UK is a favourable place for you to get a high-paying job. The graduate route visa provides a wonderful opportunity to take part in the workforce after graduation.

According to the High Fliers report 2022, the annual median starting salary of graduates is estimated to be GBP 32,000 in 2022. Accounting and professional service firms are supposed to be the largest recruiters in 2022.

The highest paying degrees in UK are business and administration, computer science, dentistry, economics and medicine. The average starting salary of these degrees is high along with high mid-career pay.

The job industries that pay a high salary in UK are science and technology, business and finance, healthcare, education and legal. While those who are at the senior executive level earn the highest salaries there are other highest paying jobs in UK:

Job Role

Average Annual Salary (in GBP)

Senior Manager




Advertising and Public Relation Director


Computer Hardware Engineer




Highest Paying Jobs in Canada

The Canadian job market is ever expanding and its friendly immigration policies make the country desirable to stay back after completing your degree. The permanent residency scheme of the government is inviting 1.33 million immigrants to get a PR in Canada.The finance and medical fields are said to be delivering the highest salary packages in Canada.

As per reports of Talent.com, the average entry-level salary in Canada is CAD 52,000 per year. Alberta, Ontario and British Columbia offer the highest salaries.

The subjects that fetch high salaries in Canada are medicine, dentistry, accounting, law and business administration. While the medical jobs fetch among the highest salaries, there are other finances and engineering jobs with good salary packages. The highest paying jobs in Canada are:

Job Roles

Average Annual Salary (in CAD)











Highest Paying Jobs in Australia

Australia has declared to extend Temporary Graduate Visa (subclass 485) by two years in areas of skill shortage. This vouches for the fact that the Australian government is favouring the international student body. So if you are planning to study in Australia, it is just the right time to get lucrative job opportunities with high salary packages.

Australia is also trying to maintain full employment and growing productivity, boosting job security and wages, and delivering a high-quality labour force through skills, training and migration. The top salaried job positions are in finance, engineering and medicine domains. Executive management positions are also among the highest-paid job roles in Australia. 

The job industries that are said to pay the highest salaries are Consulting and Strategy, Engineering, Resource, Mining, Energy and Healthcare. That being said, the highest paying jobs in Australia are: 

Job Roles

Average Annual Salary (in AUD)



Construction General Manager


Mining Head of Operation


Internal Medical Specialist


Investment Director


Highest Paying Jobs in Germany

Germany has the fourth largest economy and industrial base in the world. As of September 2022, the employment rate in Germany is 75.8% as per Federal Statistical Office. 

The country is famous for its automotive, chemicals and electronics sectors.

 In Germany, there is a significant demand for occupations such as doctors, nurses, engineers, life scientists, computer scientists, tax consultancy and others. The subjects that are high in demand are medicine, law and engineering.  The graduate employability rate is also impressive. The highest paying jobs in Germany are as follows:

Job Roles

Average Salary (in EUR)







Bank Manager


Chief Executive Officer


It is easy to understand that medical jobs are in the highest demand in most countries. Following it in close heels is an engineering and executive job. If you want to pursue a career that will pay you a high salary, you should study the courses that can fetch you so. It is very important to take a wise and life-changing decision that will help to reach the pinnacle of success.

If you have doubts regarding the highest-paid jobs abroad or in any specific country, then write to us at abroad@collegedekho.com.

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How can I get a highly paid job abroad?

You can get a highly paid job abroad if you have advanced degrees in a specific domain of work. If you have a normal bachelor's degree, it might be difficult to get a high-paying job but if you have advanced and specialised degrees such as masters, PhD or an MBA, you will get an edge over the others. Similarly, the university where you have studied is also important. Apart from these twin factors, it is necessary to have the most sought-after skills that are required to get the highest paying jobs abroad. 

Which are the highest paying jobs in the world?

The highest paying jobs in the world are mostly related to the medical field. Doctors, surgeons, anesthesiologists, orthodontists and other medical professionals are paid handsomely for discharging their duties. These jobs fetch high salaries though it depends on which country the professional is settled in and the demand for that particular job in that country.

Do engineers get highly paid abroad?

Yes, engineers get highly paid for their jobs abroad. They are entrusted with gathering and analysing data, creating or protecting information and other works depending on their specialisation. As engineers are in high demand across today’s tech world, they are paid well because of their skill sets.

What are the highest-paid jobs in the business and management field abroad?

The highest paid jobs in the business and management fields abroad are chief financial officer, executive director, director, consulting manager and risk manager. All these portfolios are among the top financial positions in the company that are directly linked with management responsibilities. Therefore, high salaries are paid to those who hold these job profiles.

What are the factors to consider before choosing a career?

The factors to consider before choosing a career are if it is personally and professionally rewarding to you, whether it pays a high salary upon graduation and if it is exciting to you. You must also keep in mind the growth prospects related to that job field.

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