Highest Paying Jobs in the USA

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Highest paying jobs in USA set forth on this page are in accordance with the US Bureau of Labour Statistics. Also, check out which universities in USA provide students with the best graduate employability rate, work visa USA, and more.

Highest Paying Jobs in the USA
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Highest paying jobs in USA are often bounded to medical professions. However, career opportunities in sectors such as information technology, Engineering and transportation are moving towards the top tiers of remuneration. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) indicates that healthcare professions, including family medicine physicians and anesthesiologists, saw median pay equaling or above USD 208,000 annually. However, medical professions have continuously topped the list of the highest paying jobs in USA.

Choosing a course that leads to being qualified for one of the highest paying jobs has been one of the parameters of many study-abroad aspirants. There are several different roles in the USA that often pay incredibly high salaries. Choosing such high-paying roles can help students receive a good return on investments and thus, lead to lucrative careers.

On this page, we have highlighted some of the highest-paying jobs in the USA that you can probably apply for after your studies in the country. These high-paying jobs in the USA have been taken from the US Bureau of Labour Statistics (BLS), as per the latest survey that they conducted.

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Highest Paying Jobs in USA

International students can easily find top-paying professions or careers in the United States owing to the country's robust economy. While having a decent degree and being a recognised scholar is important, there is a greater demand for people who can work in the best paying jobs in USA. Check out the list of highest paying jobs in USA below:


Anaesthesiologists are some of the crucial medical professionals required especially in the Operating Room or the ER, primarily to help in pain management. The job does not only entail administering anaesthetics and analgesics but also going through the patient history and understanding how much anaesthesia can be used during a medical operation.

Anaesthesiologists topped the list of the highest-paying jobs in the USA, where the average annual wage for the profession was listed at USD 331,190 in 2021. However, the work hours may be long and unpredictable as they may be needed in ERs and ORs, where medical procedures may take hours to complete.

Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons

Oral and Maxillofacial surgeons are basically dentists with surgical training with the ability and qualifications to carry out extensive surgery on a patient’s head, neck and face. These professionals are capable of treating facial traumas and even fixing cleft lips.

The data from US BLS reveals that the median annual wage for Oral Maxillofacial surgeons is USD 208,000 or more. However, the report by Investopedia reveals that professionals in this field can earn as high as USD 311,460.


In simple terms, Orthodontists are dental specialists who take up the responsibility of fixing the irregularities in teeth and jaws. They specialise in dealing with issues such as overbites and underbites. Orthodontists are responsible for creating corrective measures that suit individual patient needs and requirements.

In a report created by Investopedia, Orthodontists can earn up to USD 267,280 a year depending on where they work and the level of experience they carry. One of the benefits of the profession is that professionals can either choose to work under a big employer or set up their own clinic and carry out professional procedures.

Surgeons and All Others

After years of hard work and training, Surgeons are responsible for carrying out complex medical procedures which often lead to saving a patient’s life. Surgeons will often find themselves working odd and unpredictable hours as a result of being called in, especially for trauma cases. An instance had previously been recorded where surgeons continuously worked for 32 hours on one single surgery.

The US Bureau of Labour Statistics reported that the average annual salary of a surgeon in the US till 2021 was reported to be around USD 297,800. As a result of the long hours and unpredictable shifts, surgeons are often compensated well for their efforts.

Paediatric Surgeons

While surgeons concern themselves with evaluating and treating conditions and illnesses that require surgery or physical alteration of the human body, the processes and procedures involved in paediatric surgery are different as it involves operating on foetuses, infants, adolescents, and young adults. To become one, physicians often have to first become General Surgeons and then take fellowship training in paediatric surgery and subsequently, receive their certification.

The US BLS 2021 report revealed that paediatric surgeons earn an average salary of USD 290,310 per year. From prenatal counselling to mothers of babies diagnosed with birth defects, to appendectomies, treating injuries and providing surgical care to young cancer patients, paediatric surgeons are trained to calmly talk and administer the necessary medical procedures to infant patients to those in late adolescence.

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Work Visa USA for Employment

As is the case with most countries, as a foreign national, you will be required to apply for a work visa in the country for employment purposes. There are different types of work visas that individuals can apply for if they plan to work in the country in any one of the highest paying jobs in the USA. If you are looking to apply to any one of the high paying jobs in the USA, then you must apply for one of the following US visas.

H Visas

One of the more commonly applied visas in the country, the H-1B visa is offered to those candidates who have a job offer from a US employer and carry a bachelor’s degree or equivalent relevant to the job. Moreover, the employer will also be required to attest that there is a lack of qualified candidates for the position.

Among the other H visas in the country, the H-2A and H-2B visas are offered to those looking for temporary jobs in either agriculture (H-2A) or non-agriculture (H-2B) fields.

J Visas

As seen in the list, most of the highest paying jobs in the US are in the field of medicine. Therefore, candidates wishing to study and then find work as medical professionals in the US must apply for a J-1 visa. However, as a requirement for a J-1 visa, candidates will have to return back to their countries and work as medical professionals in their country of nationality. Only after this will the graduate be able to apply for a change in the visa.

I Visas

If you are employed as a member of the foreign press which includes reporters, editors, film crews, etc, representing an international media outlet on any platform, then you need to apply for the I visa. However, a perk of the visa is that, as long as you are employed with the same country working as a member of the press, your I visa will remain valid as it is an indefinite visa, for most.

L Visas

The L Visa has been designed for students individuals temporarily transferring within a company they have been employed at. Those moving at the executive or the management level will be eligible for the L-1A visas while those transferring through a specialised expertise L-1B.

There are other work visas offered by the US government, including O, P and R visas, where individuals from different industries, talents and work opportunities can pursue their dream of working in the US. However, the visas mentioned above are some of the more commonly used and required visas for those looking to get one of the highest paying jobs in the USA.

US College Degrees with High Paying Jobs

While the highest paying jobs in the USA are one topic, choosing a degree or subject that leads to lucrative and high paying jobs is another topic altogether. Listed below are some of the top college degrees in the US that lead to high paying jobs, as per data collected by Payscale.

College Degree

Mid-Career Pay (in USD)

Petroleum Engineering


Industrial Engineering


Electrical Engineering and Computer Science


Interaction Design


Public Accounting


Operations Research


Applied Economics and Management


Business Computing


Actuarial Mathematics


Electrical Power Engineering


Note: The salaries posted above have been listed for the purpose of reference only and present numbers as per the 2021 report. Therefore, if you are interested in pursuing higher education in any one of the above-mentioned subjects, it is better to consult a career counsellor or specialist.

US Universities With Best Graduate Employability

One of the leading factors that affect the employability of a candidate and their ability to get one of the highest paying jobs in the US is the graduate employability rate of the university. If you choose to study in the country and wish to get a high paying job in the US, then select one of the following universities in USA with the best graduate employability, as per QS Graduate Employability Rankings 2022.

US University Name

QS Graduate Employability Ranking (Global)

Graduate Employment Rate

Massachusettes Institute of Technology (MIT)



Stanford University



University of California, Los Angeles



Harvard University



Cornell University



University of Chicago



Yale University



Princeton University



New York University



Columbia University



Note: The QS Graduate Employability Rankings consider numerous parameters to evaluate a universities’ standing among its competitors in terms of overall graduate employability. These factors include Partnerships with Employers, Graduate Employment Rate, Employer-Student Connections, Alumni Outcomes, and Employer Reputation.

How to Find the Highest Paying Jobs in USA?

Now, after knowing all about the best paying jobs in USA, different types of work visas USA, a list of universities in USA with the best degrees and graduate employability, you might think of how to find one. Or, you might ask what is the easiest way to find the highest paying jobs in USA? 

Well, to get the most satisfactory job tailored to your interests and needs, all you need to do is prepare your CV or resume at its best. For this, you may refer to the Ultimate CV Writing Tips and note down the pointers best suited for your job position. The following is a brief discussion about finding the highest paying jobs in USA:

LinkedIn: LinkedIn is a tremendous resource for job searching. You can enable notifications so that you are informed about the types of jobs that are available and fit your qualifications.

USA Jobs. Gov: Among the most highly trafficked job sites by students is USA Jobs. Gov. To get the perfect job openings that suit your interests, you may enter the keyword, location, and other parameters.

Indeed: Another excellent option to take into account when looking for the highest paying jobs in the United States is Indeed. You may effortlessly submit your resume and apply to your preferred companies through the employment portal.

Glassdoor: When looking for a job in the USA, many students use the website Glassdoor. The portal displays details about job vacancies as well as appraisals of leading businesses.

Part-time/Internship: If you have opted for part-time job options in the USA, or you have completed an internship, it might help you transition into a full-time position. A corporation may decide to keep you on as an employee based on your work and efforts.

Therefore, when selecting the university where you wish to pursue higher studies in your desired discipline, it is crucial to consider factors such as fields that lead to high paying jobs in the US as well as the universities with the best graduate employability rates as these may help assure the future you seek.

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Having Trouble Finding the Highest Paying Jobs in USA?


What is the highest-paying job in the USA?

The highest paying jobs in the USA, according to the US Bureau of Labour Statistics, are those in medical professions, specifically Anesthesiologists, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons, Orthodontists, etc. However, there are other professions where individuals make more than 300-400k a year, especially those in real estate, CEOs and upper management of various teams across different industries.

What jobs do the top 1% have in the US?

The job that the top 1% of people in the US have include professions such as Public School Administers, Politicians, Journalists, Company Executives (CEOs, CFOS, COOs, etc), those in entertainment media, professional sports players and more. However, to get high salaries, you should look into courses that lead to professions in the medical, advertising, engineering or computer science fields.

What job makes USD 300k per year?

There are several jobs and job roles that make over USD 300k per year, however, there are several parameters that lead to such high paying jobs in the USA. These parameters include your job expertise, your success rate and more. Some of the jobs that make USD 300k a year roles in medicine, finance, management, law and real estate.

What job roles make the most money in the US?

According to the US Bureau of Labour Statistics, the job roles that make the most money get listed under the medical profession, including anesthesiologists, orthodontists, surgeons, paediatricians and more. However, there are several roles such as Marketing advertisement roles, jobs relating to computer science and engineering (specifically in energy creation) that all lead to high paying jobs in USA.

What job is the best for my future in the US?

While there are several high-paying jobs in the USA, there are several others that have just come up, which are now being called the best for the future. These jobs include Data Scientists, Data Analysts, Blockchain developers, Digital marketers, Cloud Computing, Software developers and more. Several experts call these jobs the roles to look out for in the future.

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