How to Write an Undergraduate Application Essay for Admissions Abroad

By Neha Kumari Updated On - Mar 11, 2022 01:07 PM

Applying to undergraduate colleges abroad? Did you know that essays play a vital part in your admission process? Through this article, learn how to write a perfect essay for your application. 

An essay is the most important part of the undergraduate application to study abroad. It is one of the documents that differentiates one candidate from the other and makes it easier for the admission officer to select the right candidate for admission. While all other requirements are equally important, an essay is a direct way to convince your part of getting admission to the desired university.

If you choose to study an undergraduate degree program at a university abroad then you will definitely have to submit an essay. Most schools require an essay to choose the best students from around the world to study at the university. An essay helps them in finding seriously interested students who are ready to join the undergraduate courses at their university.

An essay gives you a chance to make a first impression and showcase your knowledge and skills about a specific field of study. You can prove your commitment towards the study in just a few words and increase your chances of getting admission to the desired university abroad.

It is thus important to create an appropriate essay that can increase your chances of getting admission to the desired college. Here we have come up with certain guidelines that will help you create an appropriate essay for undergraduate admissions abroad.

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How to Draft an Essay for Undergraduate Admissions?

The essay for undergraduate admissions describes your profile and convinces the admission officers of the university to consider your admission at the university. Hence, it is important to plan well before you draft the essay.

There is no specific format or template for writing an essay for undergraduate admissions but there is definitely a word count requirement. Creating a standard essay within the defined word count requires time and planning.

Steps to Plan Your Essay Writing Wisely

Here are a few things that you must consider before you start writing your essay:

  • Jot down your academic and non-academic achievements

  • Distinguish yourself from others 

  • Explore your reasons for choosing a specific course to study

  • Find the reasons to study at the university where you have applied for admission

  • Discover how you can be a good fit for the university

  • Analyse your long-term goals 

  • Reflect your ambition and desire to achieve something great in life

Once you have considered all these factors, you are all set to draft your essay.

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Things to Include in Your Essay for Undergraduate Application

The admission committee member considers each application as unique and all decisions are made on the basis of academic background and what is written in the essay. Hence, it is important to create a standard essay and one that makes you stand out in the crowd. 

Once all the planning is done, you can now start drafting the essay keeping in mind the guidelines mentioned below: 

Length of the Essay: The word count for an essay ranges between 300- 500. Make sure to mention all the relevant points within the word count 

Guidelines & Instructions: Read the question carefully. Some universities ask specific questions to write in the essay. Hence do not take this step lightly. Read the instructions carefully to understand the format that you need to follow and important points that you need to mention in the essay.

Program Title: Make sure to add the course title to the essay. Describe a little bit about the uniqueness of the program that you have chosen to study

Scope of Program Chosen: Discuss the scope of the course you have chosen. This will highlight your understanding of the course and why you are interested in it 

Opportunities After Studying the Course: Elaborate opportunities that the course offers to you. Mention how studying at a specific university and opting for the course will make a difference in your life

Commitment towards study: Be specific in your essay. Convince your commitment to your studies. Talk more about how studying a specific course aligns with your future goals and ambition

Benefits of Studying Abroad: Mention why you wish to study in the country you have chosen. Elaborate about the benefits of studying there and how it can change your perspective towards life. But, make sure you stick to your academic and professional goals when talking about the country

Personality & Skills: Showcase your personality. Discuss your engagement in activities that directly relate to your choice of studying at a specific destination and choosing the course.

Proofread: Once you draft your essay, then do not forget to proofread your essay. 

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Essay writing for study abroad can either make or break your chances of getting admission to a desired college or university. But if you follow the right procedure and guidelines then you can definitely get into the university and the study programs of your choice.

In case you are still not sure of writing an appropriate essay for undergraduate application to study abroad, you can take help from a study abroad expert or a professional. You can get your essay proofread by someone who has earlier written an essay for an undergraduate study abroad application. 

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