PhD Scholarships for Indian Students to Study Abroad

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Looking out for PhD scholarships available for Indian students abroad? Look no further! Here is a list of some of the popular scholarships available across the globe. You can check out the eligibility requirements, scholarship values along with the duration of the scholarships here.

Research is an area that requires a lot of dedication, hard work and money, the latter being one of the more challenging obstacles. PhD aspirants across nations have often sought external funding which can help them in their pursuit of knowledge. However, many do not find such opportunities.

Therefore, to ease the lives of scholars and researchers across the globe, Universities, Governments, Private and Public organisations offer numerous scholarship opportunities. With thousands of scholarships available at the fingertips, PhD aspirants will be able to pursue their dreams of earning a PhD and be remembered for their contributions to society.

In this article, we shall talk about research scholarships for Indian students who wish to study abroad. Listed below are scholarships which are specific to different countries, universities, or even research disciplines.

Types of Research Scholarships Available for Indian Students

There are different types of research scholarships which are available to aspiring Indian PhD students. Prominently, there are two different types of research scholarships that are available to the students, i.e. Full or Partial Scholarships.

Full Scholarships: Here, the trust fund will cover all expenses including the entire tuition fee, accommodation and food expenses, among other expenses as well.

Partial Scholarships: Students will be offered partial financial support in the form of covering either their tuition fees or accommodation expenses or any other expenses outlined by the trust fund.

Note: The amount, duration and other specific information of the scholarship are completely defined by the organisation/university/government offering the support. For instance, certain scholarships may also specific criteria that students may need to satisfy such as academic background, financial standing, domicile requirement, among others, without which, students may fail to receive the scholarships.

Research Scholarships for Indian Students Studying Abroad

Listed below are research scholarships for Indian students who have chosen to study abroad. You can find a research scholarship applicable to different countries. Check out this list of research fellowships available to Indian Students choosing to study in different countries.

Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarships

Through Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarships, doctoral students from different parts of the globe can pursue their doctoral studies in the country. With a total of 166 scholarship awards available for distribution, international PD aspirants have immense opportunities to avail the scholarship.




Be nominated by a Canadian University with a Vanier CGS quota.

Candidates must be pursuing a PhD or a Joint undergraduate/graduate research programme.

Candidates must not have completed more than 20 months of doctoral studies at the institution.

Candidates under joint undergraduate or graduate research studies must not have completed more than 32 months of study.

Scholarship Value

$50,000 per year


3 Years

Application Process

Candidates nominated by a Canadian College with Vanier CGS quota will be considered for the scholarships. Aspirants will not be able to apply directly for the scholarship.

Candidates can inform the faculty in-charge of the graduate studies at the institution and be selected for the scholarship; or

Eligible candidates will be nominated by the College/Institution.

Gates Cambridge Scholarships

Offered by the University of Cambridge, the Gates-Cambridge Scholarship is among the top scholarships available for postgraduate students. The scholarship is awarded to outstanding students from outside the UK who wish to pursue a PhD or other postgraduate degree at the University of Cambridge. Every year, eligible students compete for one of the 80 Gates-Cambridge Scholarships.


December or January, depending on courses


Candidates must be a citizen of any country outside of the UK

Candidates must be pursuing a full-time residential programme at the University of Cambridge, i.e. PhD, M.Sc or M.Litt

Scholarship Value

Covers the full cost of studying at Cambridge, which includes tuition fees, travel costs, visas, and other expenses.

Additional funding such as academic funding, fieldwork, family allowances, etc. will be offered on discretion.


Specific to different components of the scholarship

Application Process

Research Candidates will be required to submit an application form along with a research proposal to be considered for the Gates-Cambridge Scholarship.

The application must be submitted on the UNiversity’s Graduate Application Portal

Australian Government Research Training Programme (AGRTP) International Scholarships at Flinders University

Offering financial assistance to all overseas students, Flinders University offers an Australian Government Research Training Programme International Scholarships at Flinders University. The AGRTP International Scholarships at Flinders University aims to offer assistance to all overseas students, except those from New Zealand, who wish to pursue a higher degree by research at the university.




All Candidates must meet the academic requirements for the Masters by Research or Doctorate by Research degree at the university

Candidates need to meet the English Proficiency levels accepted by Flinders University.

Candidate must not possess an equivalent masters or higher degree with research qualification.

Candidates with Australian or New Zealand citizenship are not eligible.

Scholarship Value

AU$28,092 with an establishment allowance of AU$1,485.

Application Process

Candidates need to apply for a Higher Degree by Research programme followed by an application for the International RHD Scholarship.


International Tuition fee offset, living stipend (AU$28,092) and Overseas Health Care cover.

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Vice-Chancellors International Scholarship for Research Excellence at the University of Nottingham

The University of Nottingham offers a unique scholarship for international students aspiring to pursue a PhD or an M.Phil for their higher degree by research programme. The scholarship is applicable for all students in any discipline except engineering, for which the university offers a different scholarship. 




All candidates who are classed as overseas students for fee purposes can apply for the scholarship.

Candidates must possess a valid offer for a full-time PhD or M.Phil in any discipline (except engineering) at the University of Nottingham for the current academic year.

Application Process

Applications to this scholarship shall be made through MyNottingham after the admission offer has been received by the candidates.

Scholarship Value

The scholarship covers the entire tuition fee with a monthly stipend allowance of £1,015.


Awarded each year subject to satisfactory progress.

AAUW International Fellowships for Women

With the aim of empowering women in academia, the American Association of University Women (AAUW) offers International Fellowships to women who wish to pursue full-time study or research in the US. These scholarships are aimed towards women who are not classed as US citizens or residents. All accredited universities in the US accept the scholarship.




All women candidates who are not classed as US citizens or residents are eligible for the fellowship.

Women displaying a prior commitment to the advancement of women through civic, community or professional work, will be given preference.

Application Process

All applications to the scholarship are done online via the official website of AAUW.

Candidates will be required to log in to the website and complete the application processes as per the guidelines.

Scholarship Value


While these are some of the popular scholarships that you can apply to, there are many scholarships offered to international students. A few scholarships are available through the country’s government, while others will be available to students through the University itself. Therefore, prior to applying to any college or university in the country of your choice, it is advisable to check out the scholarship schemes available in the country and through the university as well.

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