5 Reasons Why MSc in Digital Marketing and Data Science is an Exciting Field

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MSc in Digital Marketing and Data Science opens a plethora of opportunities especially when pursued at one of the top universities in the world. Here are the reasons why MSc in Digital Marketing and Data Science is an exciting field.

Digital Marketing or Data Science or Digital Marketing AND Data Science? If you are looking forward to entering and leading today’s competitive business world, then MSc in Digital Marketing and Data Science is just the right choice for you. 

So, what can you do with an MSc in Digital Marketing and Data Science? The degree opens a plethora of opportunities especially when pursued at one of the top universities in the world. The most simple use case of Data Science that has shaped our everyday life is a Recommendation Engine and if you look at Digital Marketing, it is undoubtedly everything that exists online. 

Before we dive into the various very good reasons to do an MSc in Digital Marketing and Data Science, it is of utmost importance to understand that both the domains do not have any direct relation. However, once we obtain knowledge in Digital marketing, it certainly becomes easier to embark on the road to data science.

Want to know more? Read on to find out why you should pursue MSc in Digital Marketing and Data Science abroad.

Top 5 Reasons Why MSc in Digital Marketing and Data Science is an Exciting Field

Check out the top reasons to start studying an MSc degree in Digital Marketing and Data Science: 

Innovate in a Data-Driven Environment

The MSc in Digital Marketing & Data Science focuses on data analytics which includes coding, database access, business, data science and machine learning with Python. It is designed to make you understand the most innovative technologies and acquire the skills to manage the upcoming technological disruptions in marketing. 

The growth of analytics includes layers of services, data and the underlying technology stack and infrastructure. Organisations, today, depend on data and the use of technologies that offer inputs to the decision-makers and further result in effective outcomes. And, that is how an organisation goes from basic analytics to the implementation of a data-driven enterprise and blends business and technology to its goals.

Meet the Needs of Employers

Hard skills sought after by companies are related to digital technologies, including UX design, analytical reasoning, marketing analytics, cloud computing and artificial intelligence. Dual competency is what they are looking for and many companies such as Amazon, IBM, Facebook Google, TF1, or Microsoft even collaborate with institutions offering the MSc programme in Digital Marketing and Data Science to find just the ideal candidate for the job. 

The programme aims at providing all-round importance of data in businesses. With the emergence of new platforms, customer profiling and campaigns have never been easier to execute. Countries are now ensuring that their education systems provide all aspirants with data science knowledge and professional skills. 

Digital marketing strategies would probably not even exist without data science. It gives you an insight into your customers’ preferences and needs and thereby makes you all the more desirable by recruiters. 

Insight into the Latest Technologies and its Constant Evolution

Data-driven decision making is not here to remain the same. It is ought to bring in substantial changes and a dramatic shift in requirements posted for digital marketing analytics positions. We are at a period when marketing professionals are equally proficient in technology. The modern marketer is expected to develop data-driven personas, learn the customer journey, use intelligent targeting, leverage cross-channel measurement solutions, and more.

The recent trends unanimously point towards a growing diversity in what data is analyzed, where it is collected, and how it is applied to inform decisions. This postgraduate programme in Digital Marketing and Data Science will push each analyst to be more responsible for analyzing increasingly complex and diverse sets of data.
Professional Networking

Not only does the programme give the opportunity to learn from the industry experts, but also lets you build connections and network with other industry leaders. Students are able to interact with startups, established companies, entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, investors, connections from various countries, and so on. 

As innovative as it is, the MSc in Digital Marketing & Data Science, attracts marketing technologists from all over the world. The same will further help you develop a global mindset and participate in teamwork. 

The Job Outlook is Remarkable

Digital Marketing and Data Science are both the present and the future and the demand for skilled professionals in the field will only increase with time. The main reason for it is the importance of the digital presence and data mining services for an organisation of any given size. 

Well, data rules the world we live in. Thanks to social media, the Internet of Things (IoT) and the number of people across the world using the internet to generate data. Big Data Engineers, Digital Marketers and Data Scientists are the top job profiles on any given job portal. So, how is Data Science and Digital Marketing ever going to lose importance?

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What Do You Learn in an MSc in Digital Marketing and Data Science?

The MSc in Digital Marketing & Data Science uniquely combines a strong theoretical background in business and marketing studies, data analysis and strategy with a thorough understanding of technology and data-driven marketing. Check out the topics that you will encounter if you opt for the programme:

The Fundamentals

Digital Marketing

CRM, Data Platforms & Marketing Automation

Data Science

Data Literacy

Data Visualization

Machine Learning And Business Cases Using Python

Makersboard Discovery

Digital Marketing & Data Science Specialization

Advanced Digital Marketing

In-Company Project

Asian Business Environment


Graduate Thesis

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Top Foreign Universities Offering MSc in Digital Marketing and Data Science

Given below are some of the top universities across the world offering MSc in Digital Marketing and Data Science: 

It is clear that the existence of Digital Marketing strategies would be somewhat meaningless without data science. All data that are collected to form a recommendation system for any application like Amazon or Netflix only help customise campaigns according to the aspirations of a customer. With experienced marketers being replaced by data-driven marketers, there is no better time to pursue a programme in Digital Marketing and Data Science abroad. 

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