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ACT Best Books

Every year, millions of study abroad aspirants take the American College Testing (ACT) to get into higher education institutions in the United States accepting ACT Scores. The test is aimed at evaluating the academic readiness of each student for university. 

Given the popularity and acceptance in the US, it is significant that you get your hands on the best books or prep material for the ACT test. ACT offers Internationally recognized programmes to help non-English speaking applicants thrive at universities all around the world. 

While looking for ACT study material, it is best to check out the resources offered by ACT Inc. (the conducting body of ACT). Apart from the general study material to prepare for the different sections included in the test along with overall preparation, ACT Inc. has also made available the ACT Academy which is a free online learning tool for the Non-US students. 

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ACT Best Books for Overall Preparation

The Official ACT Prep Guide

  • Get five official ACT tests in the book as well as online, through the unique PIN available with the purchase

  • Get well-acquainted with the overall test, its instructions, format and subject areas

  • Learn how the test is scored and review explanations for all correct and incorrect answer choices

  • Find out where your strengths and weaknesses lie within the test subjects and identify areas which require improvement

  • Prepare for the test day with recommended strategies and preparation tips

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The Official Beginner’s Guide for the ACT

Through this test, students can understand how they will perform on the test using the 1-36 score scale. It is the only way for one to access the PreAct Diagnostic Test, an online exam that helps score high in the test, make the testing experience better among other things. 

The major benefit of taking the test is that it shares the score report immediately after completing the test, which further enables students to use results to explore which areas to emphasise on.

The Beginner’s Guide also includes enhancements being made to the test, section retesting, faster results and benefits of super-scoring.  

Benefits of The Official Beginner’s Guide for the ACT 

  • Get an understanding of potential test performance with predicted score ranges of the ACT test.

  • Identify your academic strengths and weaknesses 

  • Begin with the college admissions journey 

  • Take part in a high-stakes test experience in a low-stakes environment 

What Is Included in The Official Beginner’s Guide for the ACT? 

  • In The Official Beginner’s Guide for the ACT, you can get exclusive online access to the PreACT Diagnostic test with immediate results 

  • A totally new and full-length ACT practice test provided in the book and online  

ACT Best Books for Section-wise Preparation

Here are the best books for the preparation of all sections including English, Math, Reading and Science:

Official ACT English Guide

  • Learn how to manage time and strategies for the same

  • Check the glossary to learn grammatical terms that you must convert to prepare well for the ACT test 

  • Get access to writing prompts and over 150 official ACT English questions with solutions and explanations in detail

Official ACT Math Guide

  • Learn all relevant techniques to solve problems

  • Understand how to find out the basic math concept given in each question  

  • Get access to more than 130 official math questions with solutions and explanations  in detail

Official ACT Reading Guide

  • Explore ways to read faster and retain information 

  • Learn the best way to approach reading each passage 

  • Get access to more than 150 official reading questions with solutions and explanations in detail

Official ACT Science Guide

  • Get acquainted with quickly and efficiently read graphs, charts, and data  

  • Review the vocabulary section to study terms covered in the science section 

  • Get access to official science questions with solutions and explanations in detail

ACT Academy

It is a free and personalized practice resource for the ACT test, available in online mode. ACT Academy is designed to help you score as high as possible on the test and become a part of one of the top-ranked US higher education institutions.

It primarily includes interactive practice questions, video lessons, full-length practice tests, fun educational games focused on helping you achieve your academic needs. All in all, it features the following:

  • Personalised resources. 

  • Full-length ACT as well as ACT test sections

  • Educational games 

  • Accessible anywhere and anytime where there is an internet connection

FAQs about ACT Best Books

1. Which books are the best for ACT preparation?

Some of the best study material for ACT include 'The Official ACT Prep Guide' and 'The Official Beginner’s Guide for the ACT'.

2. How to select good books for ACT preparation?

Select the latest edition of ACT preparation books and those that also include practice papers.

3. Is section-wise books available for ACT?

Yes, ACT also offers section-wise preparation material for the ACT test.

4. What is the best book for ACT English section?

"Official ACT English Guide' is one of the best book to prepare for ACT English section.

5. What is the best book for ACT Math section?

Official ACT Math Guide' is the best book to prepare for ACT Math section.

6. What is the best book for ACT Reading section?

Official ACT Reading Guide' is the best book to prepare for ACT Reading section.

7. What is the best book for ACT Science section?

Official ACT Science Guide' is the best book to prepare for ACT Science section.

8. Does ACT offer study material for ACT test?

Yes, ACT does offer a number of good study material for ACT preparation. The same can be found on its official website.

9. Do ACT study material for ACT include practice test papers?

Yes, ACT study material offered by ACT Inc. do include practice papers.

10. Can I buy ACT study books on e-commerce websites?

Yes, e-commerce website also sell study material for ACT preparation.

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