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How to Register for ACT 2021?

The registration window ACT 2021 and 2022 is active. Book your ACT Test Date 2021 now to apply for undergraduate admissions at universities abroad. niversity of Florida, Georgia Institute of Technology, Florida State University, University of Georgia and University of Central Florida are among many universities that are still accepting ACT scores for admission in their undergraduate programs.

ACT dates and registration process is the same for all non-US countries. You need to create a free MyACT account to Register and book the test date before the deadline specified for each ACT Test Date. You must consider registering for the ACT as early as possible to get the desired slot and test centre. Also, it is advisable to bookACT the ACT Test Date at least two months before the application deadline of colleges. 

There are three ways through which one can register for the ACT: 

  • Registering Online for ACT

  • Registering via mail for ACT

  • Registering for Standby Admittance for ACT

Go through the detailed procedure for all three methods and register for the ACT through any of the above mentioned three ways.  

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Important Dates for ACT Registration 2021

Here are the updated dates to register for the upcoming ACT international tests:

ACT Registration Last Date ACT Test Dates Registration with Late Fee
15th January 2021 5th February and 6th February 2021 29th January 2021
26th March 2021 16th and 17th April 2021 9th April 2021
21st May 2021 11th June and 12th June 2021 4th June 2021
25th June 2021 16th July and 17th July 2021 9th July 2021

ACT Online Registration 2021

The online registration for ACT is conducted on the official website of ACT. It is a straightforward process and the following steps need to be completed for registering online for the test.

1. Gather all the Required Information

  • The foremost step is to accumulate all the required credentials that include name, email, address, high school grades, a digital headshot, social security number and credit card or another payment method.

  • Around 40 minutes will be required to complete the entire process. Sit for the registration when you have time on your hands.

2. Visit the Official Website

  • Go to the official website of ACT. Aspirants are advised to use a desktop or laptop computer with Chrome (version 18 or higher), Internet Explorer (version 8 or higher), Safari (version 5 or higher) or Firefox (version 7 or higher).

  • Mobile phone and tablets are not recommended for the registration

3. Create an Account

  • Create an account if you are a first time user.

  • The account allows the aspirant to register, send or view scores and register for additional tests (if you have decided to appear for it the second or third time).

  • Memorise or write down your user id and password. You will have to provide it each time you log in for registration and result.

4. Register to Test

  • Tap on Register to test option.

  • You would be directed to the first page of the registration packet.

  • It is one of the most vital stages as it requires the information to track your scores and contact you.

  • Fill in the answers carefully and correctly.

5. Profile Selection Needs to be Completed

  • The registration packet of ACT is divided into several sections. First few sections ask for information that provides ACT with demographic data on aspirants taking the test. It also focuses on providing personalised information and suggestions for majors and careers.

  • Almost all the questions are optional except for the ones that are marked with a red asterisk.

  • Questions on high school, career plans, educational plans, demographic background and financial aid needs are asked in this section.

6. Pick a Date and Select the Test Option

  • Upon completion of profile selection, the student will be directed to the test registration.

  • Input your high school grades, classes and GPA.

  • Choose your test date wisely.

  • Some colleges require writing tests whereas others do not. Writing test is completely optional. Sign up for the option that says “ACT Plus Writing” if you want to appear for the writing test.

7. Select the Colleges to Send your Scores

  • Sending your scores to up to 4 colleges is free. Make a list of colleges before the registration process.

  • It is not necessary to list the colleges to receive your score at this time. Students can sign into their account at any time to do so.

  • Sending scores after the test is taken or to more than four colleges will cost 12 USD per college.

8. Choose Your Test Centre

Many high schools do not offer ACT on every date. If your school does not offer the test on the desired date or if all the seats are full, students can use the zip code to find other nearby centres.

9. Confirm the Information

  • You would be asked to check all the information filled in closely and confirm once done.

  • Typos or missing fields can prevent the student from registering successfully.

10. Make the Payment

  • You will require a credit card to pay for the test. A candidate needs to pay 52 USD and 68 USD for no writing test and with writing test respectively.

  • Additional score reports, late registration fees and other fees for optional services can result in an increase in the cost.

  • A candidate would not be able to cancel the registration once the payment has been made. 

11. Upload your Photograph

  • It is essential to upload the photo before printing the ticket as the test administrator requires it to verify your identity.

  • You do not need to upload the photo during the registration time but it is mandatory to upload the photo by the deadline. If not done, registration would be cancelled.

  •  Make sure the photo is clear and you are the only one in it.

  • Do not wear a hat, dark glasses or any prop that would make it difficult to recognise you.

  • Use a plain background and also face the camera.

  • The photo should be less than 5MB and in portrait mode. Follow JPEG, JPG, BMP or PNG format.

  • After scanning the photo, it must print clearly as a 2”x 2” image.

ACT Mail Registration 2021

If you prefer to register through mail, follow the process mentioned below thoroughly. It is to be noted that international students must go through the online process only.

1. Request for a Mail Packet

  • You can avail a mail packet at your career, college or your school guidance’s office.

  • If not, you can also request a packet by visiting the official website.

  • If you are younger than 13 or do not have a fee waiver or credit card, you can register through the mail.

2. Fill it

  • Fill out all the details asked including your name, address, high school grades, classes, colleges plans and career interests.

  • Choose a test centre and date.

  • You have an option of including your printed photo with your registration packet or uploading one to your ACT account.

3. Mail the Completed Paperwork

  • It takes around 7-10 days to complete the delivery. Make sure to mail the packet before the deadline of the registration as the latter would result in late registration fees.

  • You will receive your test ticket via mail. Students also have the option of visiting online and printing the ticket from the ACT account.

ACT Standby Admittance Registration 2021

If a student has missed the regular period of registration, he/she can register for standby testing. You are required to possess a standby ticket before the test date to be allowed into the testing centre. This does not grant you a guarantee of a seat but you must have a ticket if you have any chances of taking the test that day.

1. Sign in

  • Sign in to your ACT test account.

  • The standby request period ends a week prior to the test date.

  • Extra fees are charged for standby registration.

2. Choose a Testing Centre

  • Choose a test centre where you can register as a standby test taker

  • Choosing a large testing centre would provide you with a proper chance of being admitted. It has the possibility of having a room for you.

3. Early Arrival

  • Testing spots are given to the students on the first come first serve basis. Reach early to the test centre. It increases the chances of getting a spot.

  • If you do not get admitted to the test centre, ACT will refund you the standby registration fees.

ACT Registration Fees 2021

ACT Services Fees Details
ACT (no writing) $150.00 Includes reports for the candidate, high school, and up to four colleges of choice (if codes are mentioned while registering).
ACT with writing $166.50 Includes reports for the candidate, high school, and up to four colleges of choice (if codes are mentioned while registering).
Score reports for 5th and 6th college choices $13.00 (price is for each) Refundable on written request if the candidate does not take the test.
Late Registration $35.00 Change made during the late period for an international ACT test date.
Test date change $35.00 Only if absent or unable to take the test on the original date or if registration is cancelled for failure to meet ACT test security requirements. 
Test centre change (same test date) $35.00 NA

Note: The $16.50 writing test fee is refundable on written request if the candidate is absent on test day or switches to ACT (no writing) before testing begins. All other fees are nonrefundable.

FAQs about ACT Registration

1. How can I register for the ACT Test?

There are three options to register for the ACT Test. Candidates can apply online through, take help from a counsellor or call ACT Inc. 

2. What is the deadline to register for the ACT? 

The deadline to register for the ACT is approximately five weeks before each test.

3. Can I cancel the ACT registration? 

ACT registration can be cancelled. However, the basic registration fee and other service fees are non-refundable. 

4. Which test should I take the ACT or SAT? 

Whether you should take the ACT or SAT depends on the requirements of the university/ school you are applying to. If there is no specific requirement by the institute then the choice is up to you.

5. Is the registration fee refundable in case I cancel the ACT? 

The registration fee is non-refundable if you cancel the ACT.

6. Do colleges prefer SAT scorecards over ACT? 

Colleges do not give preference to one of these tests. Both tests fulfil standardized test requirements for the enrollment of students in UG courses. However, over 200 US Colleges and Universities have kept SAT/ACT in Requirement Optional in 2021

7. How many times can I appear for the ACT? 

You can retake the ACT as many times as possible. 

8. Which ACT scorecard is accepted, in case I appear for the ACT more than once?  

You have an option to select the best score among all the ACTs taken and then send it to the college. 

9. What is the deadline to apply for the ACT? 

ACT is conducted throughout the year. The deadline date to apply for the test is usually two weeks before the scheduled date. 

10. What is the registration fee for the ACT?

The registration fee of ACT with writing is $166.55    

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