GRE Eligibility 2021

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GRE Eligibility 2021

To get admission in a graduate school abroad such as Auburn UniversityUniversity of Kansas, University of Utah, University of Massachusets, etc. you will have to take the GRE (Graduate Record Examination) test. However, you must be aware that not everyone is considered eligible for the GRE. In order to take this test, you will have to meet the GRE eligibility criteria. Once you satisfy the eligibility criteria for the GRE, you can register for the exam and take it soon after. 

Although the educational requirements for this standardised test are not specified by the conducting body ETS (Educational Testing Services), you are required to hold at least a bachelor’s degree or an undergraduate course certificate. The entry criteria for GRE also depend on the institute or university you are applying to. 

Other than that, here are some other GRE requirements that you must meet to process your GRE registration and take the test.

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COVID-19 Updates

With the pandemic regulations put in place by different countries, ETS, GRE 2021 conducting body, has introduced a GRE General Test at Home, where the students can attempt the exam from the homes. Depending on the policies of the country, applicants will be able to attempt the test. All candidates will be asked to register and reserve a date and time for the test and appear for the test by following the procedures defined by ETS.

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Highlights on GRE Eligibility Criteria

  • There are no particular criteria for GRE.

  • The is no age restriction to take the GRE test.

  • You are not required to produce ID proof while appearing for the exam. 

  • In India, your original passport will be accepted as a proof of identity.

  • Your intended university or course might have some specific graduate requirements that you will need to meet. Therefore, you must cross-check with the university web page before proceeding with the registration and find out if you need to qualify any other prerequisites in particular. 

Age Limit to Take the GRE

The age limit to take an exam is the maximum age over which one is not considered eligible to appear for the examination. There is no age limit to take the GRE test. This means that your age will not be considered as a factor in deciding your eligibility to take the GRE test. 

There is no minimum age to take the GRE as well. Having said that, it is possible that the institute or university you are applying to might have some specific age requirements. Hence, it is advisable to check the graduate entry requirements for your intended university before processing your GRE registration. 

Documents Required at the GRE Test Centre

  • Although you do not get an admit card to take the GRE test, you must carry an ID card with you. 

  • You must make sure that your full name on your ID card (preferably your valid passport) matches the name entered in the GRE application form. 

  • In case you fail to follow the second clause, you cannot take the exam until you get a go-ahead by ETS.

  • The test ID that you will be presenting at your GRE test centre must be an original document and it must include a recent photograph and signature. 

  • At the exam centre, the ID verification process may include photo identification and bio-metric, thumb printing or fingerprinting, comparison of signatures or videotaping. 

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Number of GRE Attempts

  • GRE Subject Tests are conducted round the year. You can take the Subject Tests as often as they are conducted. There are no limits in the number of attempts for GRE Subject Tests. 

  • You can take the Computer-Delivered GRE General Test once every 21 days for up to five times within a continuous rolling period of 12 months or 365 days. 

  • Even if you cancelled your scores of the previously taken test, this rule will be applicable for you. 

  • Unlike the Computer-Delivered GRE General Test, you can take the Paper-delivered GRE General Test as often as they are conducted.

FAQs about GRE Eligibility Criteria

1. What is the eligibility criteria to appear in GRE?    

There are no particular criteria to be eligible for the General Test. However, the colleges/universities that you will be applying to, will have separate admission requirements.

2. What is the age limit to take the GRE?  

 There is no upper age limit for the GRE test.

3. How many times can I appear for GRE?  

One can take the GRE once every 21 days, up to five times within 12 months (continuous rolling period).

4. Can I attempt GRE after 12th? 

GRE  is accepted for admission at postgraduate level of studies. You can take the GRE after completing your Bachelor's degree.

5. What is the eligibility for an Indian student to attempt the GRE test?  

There are no specific eligibility criteria for any GRE candidate.

6. Is graduation necessary to attempt GRE?

Yes, you must have a Bachelor's degree in order to seek admission to postgraduate programmes abroad through the GRE test.

7. Is fluency in the English language an important eligibility criterion for GRE? 

Yes, fluency in English is a pre-requisite for the GRE test as the test includes  Verbal Reasoning. However, it is not an eligibility criteria for the test.

8. What if I don't meet the GRE eligibility criteria?

There are no specific eligibility criteria for the GRE test. So, anyone can take the test who has completed a Bachelor's degree.

9. What educational qualification is required for GRE? 

Candidates appearing for the GRE test must have completed Bachelor's degree. The eligibility criteria of universities offering admission to graduate programmes through GRE scores will vary from each other.

10. What are the eligibility criteria for GRE Subject Tests?

There are no specific criteria to appear in General Subject Tests. Based upon the area of study for admission one can take the GRE subject test. 

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