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Mrunmayai Bobade
Aug 08, 2022 1:03 PM IST

The GRE Test, administered by ETS, is one of the most widely acknowledged graduate admissions exams for applicants seeking to pursue MS or PhD courses abroad. The GRE exam is offered multiple times throughout the year, and applicants can choose to take the test at a designated GRE test centre or from the comfort of their own homes using the ‘GRE at Home’ option. To choose the GRE At Home test, students must have the pre-mandated system requirements and a test-friendly atmosphere.

In addition to introducing the GRE home testing option. Starting on July 1, 2021, ETS has started to permit applicants to register for the GRE using their Aadhar Cards in place of their student IDs. 

Highlights of GRE Exam Fee 2022

The GRE exam fee in India or Standard Test Administration fee for GRE General Test, i.e. USD 213, is inclusive of any sales, value-added or similar taxes. However, for other GRE-related services, candidates may have to pay an additional amount. 

The GRE is one of the most common standardised entrance exams for aspirants who are interested in pursuing postgraduate courses abroad. ETS, the GRE exam's governing body, is in charge of overseeing the technical aspects of the GRE exam fee in India. You should know that the GRE exam fee depends on the following two factors: the type of GRE test that you want to take and the country you belong to.

The GRE exam fee in India can be paid using different payment methods including Credit/Debit Card, PayPal, Money Order and more. Learn more about the GRE exam fee below. 

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GRE Exam Fee Overview Table 2022

The table tabulated below will brief you about the GRE exam fees for 2022:

Exam Name


GRE Full Form

Graduate Record Examinations

Most Popular For

MS/MBA courses abroad

Conducted By

ETS (Educational Testing Service)

Mode Of Exam

Computer-delivered test

Paper-delivered test

GRE at Home

GRE Fee 2022

USD 213

GRE Score Range

Verbal Reasoning score range: 130–170

Quantitative Reasoning score range: 130–170

Analytical Writing score range: 0–6

GRE Contact

+91-1244517127 or 000-800-100-4072


GRE Exam Fee 2022

Here's a quick rundown of the different types of GRE exam fee in 2022.

GRE Test Type 

GRE Exam Fee in USD

GRE Exam Fee in Indian Rupees (INR)

GRE General Test 



GRE Subject Test 



GRE Exam Fee in India 2022

As stated above, the GRE exam fee depends on two factors and one of the factors is the country you belong to. Hence, the GRE exam fee in Indian Rupees for Indian aspirants is different from the rest of the world. 

For Indian students registering for the GRE General Test, the application exam fee is USD 213. In Indian rupees, this GRE exam fee is approximately INR 16,510 (when USD 1 = INR 77.51). The GRE Subject Test exam fee is USD 150 worldwide, which would cost Indian students INR 11,627 (when USD 1 = INR 77.51). In addition, if applicants want to modify the testing location or reschedule the exam, they must pay an additional charge, which we will address in more detail later in this article.

Worldwide GRE Exam Fees

As previously stated, students registering for the GRE exam from other regions of the world would have to pay a different GRE exam fee in order to be eligible to take the test. Let us quickly go through the below-tabulated table to know the different GRE fee for different countries:


GRE Exam Fee in USD

GRE Exam Fee in INR 













Other countries in the world 



Note: Unlike the GRE General Test, which varies by location, the GRE fee for the GRE Subject Test is around USD 150 (~ INR 11,627) worldwide, effective from January 7, 2020.

GRE Home Test Exam Fee

In response to the current pandemic, ETS, the GRE exam's administering authority, has introduced the GRE at Home Version of the exam, which will allow you to take the exam from the comfort of your own home. 

GRE test-takers will be relieved to learn that the GRE exam fee for the GRE Home Test has remained the same at USD 213 (~ INR 17,905). It is the same as the GRE exam fee charged by a testing centre. ETS has absorbed any additional costs in order to make the GRE test more accessible to all.

Types of GRE Exam Fee

After knowing about the GRE application fee in India and in other parts of the world, listed below are the different types of additional costs that are incurred over the GRE exam fee. Let us find out more about these costs: 

GRE Special Handling Requests Fee

If you desire to reschedule your GRE General Test registrations must do so at least four days prior to the test date, otherwise, the GRE fee will be forfeited. You will also be required to pay USD 50 in order to reschedule your GRE test. 

In addition, you will have to pay a USD 50 GRE Subject Change Fee if you want to change a subject on the GRE Subject Test. Candidates who want to use additional services will have to pay an additional GRE exam fee. The following are the GRE exam fee for special handling requests for services.

GRE Special Handling Requests for Service

Additional GRE Exam Fee in USD

Additional GRE Exam Fee in INR

GRE Late Registration Fee



GRE Standby Testing Fee



GRE Changing the test center Fee



GRE Reschedule Fee in China



GRE Reschedule Fee – rest of the world



GRE Subject Change Fee



GRE Cancellation Fee

If you need to cancel your GRE General Test, you must do so at least four days before the test date to be eligible for a refund equal to half of the GRE exam fee. Having said that, please keep in mind that there are no cash refunds, and the refund amount will be paid back to the original credit/debit card or bank account used to make the payment. 

The approximate value of the refund is USD 102.5 (~ INR 7,945). Even after cancelling your GRE exam, you will have the option to take the exam later.

GRE Score Reporting Fee

When you register for the GRE, the GRE fee includes sending your scores to four universities/institutions. If you want to send your GRE score to more than four universities, you can do so by paying an additional GRE exam fee, also known as the GRE score sending fee. 

The tabulated below highlights the same very well: 


Additional GRE Exam Fee in USD

Additional GRE Exam Fee in INR

View Scores Online



Print Official Examinee Score Report Online



GRE Diagnostic Service (GRE General Test only)



Additional Score Reports – per recipient



Score Review for Analytical Writing measure



Score Reinstatement Fee



GRE Fee Reduction Program

Concerned about "how can I receive a GRE voucher?" - There is a charge reduction program for candidates that allows them to receive up to a 50% fee reduction facility. The coupon can be used for a GRE fee waiver on either the GRE general or standard tests. You will also be pleased to find that you will have free access to GRE preparation material, which would normally cost USD 100. However, this GRE fee reduction is only applicable to US citizens. International citizens with permanent residency status are also eligible for fee relief.

Payment Methods for GRE Exam Fee in India

Now that we have discussed in detail the GRE exam fee, you should also be aware of the different payment methods through which you can complete your GRE exam fee payment. According to ETS, the following payment options are authorized for completing the GRE fee payment:

  • Credit/Debit Card (American Express, China UnionPay, Diners Club International, Discover, JCB, MasterCard, and Visa).

  • PayPal

  • E-Check Service (drawn against US bank accounts only)

  • Money Order/Certified Check/Voucher

  • Personal paper checks can also be used to make payments. Make checks payable to ETS-GRE (drawn against US bank accounts only). If you're paying by check, make sure you do the following:

    • The name and address of the bank should be preprinted on the face of the check

    • A check number must be preprinted on the check

    • The cheque must include the name and address of the candidate or payee

    • The check date must not be older than 90 days

    • Checks for new bank accounts that do not have the preprinted name and address are not acceptable

Important Note: ETS does not accept cash payments.

We hope that you find the preceding information about the GRE exam fee to be useful and necessary. The GRE exam is one of many roadblocks that study abroad aspirants have to conquer in order to get into their dream university abroad. 

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FAQs on GRE Exam Fee

What is the exam fee for GRE in India?

The exam fee for the GRE General Test in India is USD 213, which is approximately INR 16,510 (when USD 1 = INR 77.51) in Indian rupees. The GRE Subject Test exam fee is USD 150 worldwide, which would cost Indian students INR 11,627 (when USD 1 = INR 77.51). 

Can we pay the GRE fee in rupees?

No, you can not pay the GRE exam fee in Indian rupees. Although the procedure or the process for paying the GRE exam fee in India is similar to those of other nations, the main disadvantage is that the GRE exam fee is can not be paid in Indian rupees; hence, must be paid in the US dollars only which is around USD 213.

What is the GRE Exam Fee 2022 in Delhi?

The GRE exam fee for 2022 is the same throughout India. This means that the GRE exam fee for 2022 in Delhi is also the same which is USD 213 for the GRE General Test, which is approximately INR 16,510 (when USD 1 = INR 77.51) in Indian rupees and USD 150 for the GRE Subject Test, which would cost Indian students INR 11,627 (when USD 1 = INR 77.51). 

How do I pay my GRE Exam Fee 2022?

You can pay your GRE exam fee 2022 through an electronic money transfer or paper cheque. ETS accepts payment through electronic methods of payment like Credit or Debit cards, E-check, or PayPal. The testing authority also accepts money orders or paper cheque payments. No other digital platforms are acceptable for payment other than PayPal.

How much does it cost to reschedule the GRE test?

The quickest and most convenient approach to reschedule the GRE is to go online and make a request using your ETS Account. Once online, select the GRE exam you want to change, then click "Reschedule Appointment" and follow the procedures to choose a new day, time, and/or test location. The reschedule cost is USD 50.

Is GRE Exam Fee 2022 cheaper than the GMAT exam fee?

Yes, it is true that the GRE exam fee for 2022 is cheaper than the GMAT exam fee for 2022. The GRE exam fee for the general test is USD 205 in all countries except five, which are India, Turkey, China, Australia, and Nigeria. The registration fee for the GRE General Test in India is USD 213. On the other hand, the registration fee for the GMAT 2022 exam is USD 250 in India and most parts of the world.

How long is GRE valid?

The GRE score is valid for five years. After you take the test, ETS will retain your score record on file for five years. Because the GRE's creators believe that results are valid for five years, colleges will accept scores issued up to five years ago.

How many times can I attempt the GRE exam?

You can take the exam up to five times in any continuous rolling 12-month period, once every 21 days (365 days). Taking the GRE more than once will not jeopardize your chances of admission. Last year, the ETS (Educational Testing Service—the producers of the GRE) introduced ScoreSelect, a new tool for test takers applying to graduate school.

Why is my GRE payment keeps getting failed?

If you receive the message 'Transaction has failed,' ensure that the payment method you are using is approved for international transactions. Domestic debit cards, for example, will not operate; instead, you must obtain a global debit card from your bank, which allows you to transact globally.

How can I get a GRE fee waiver in India?

To apply for a GRE Fee Reduction Voucher, students must fill out the GRE Fee Reduction Request Form (PDF) and follow the directions on the form about material submission to ETS. Within two weeks following ETS approval of the request, voucher codes are emailed to recipients.

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