IELTS Exam Dates 2022 in India - Check Month-Wise IDP IELTS Test Dates & Calender

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Shilpa Saxena
Updated on Oct 03, 2022 7:58 PM IST

The IELTS exam dates 2022 have been declared. Candidates can select from four IELTS test dates offered every month. While the IELTS Academic test is conducted on 48 fixed test dates in a year, the IELTS General Training Test is conducted 24 times in a given year. 

The IELTS exam is usually conducted on Saturdays and Thursdays of every week at designated IELTS test centres across the country, for convenience and flexibility. The listening, speaking, and writing section of the test is conducted on the same day, meanwhile, the speaking section is conducted within the next 7 days.

Let us know more about the IELTS exam dates for the year 2022 and know how to choose and book your exam slot. 

IDP IELTS Exam Dates 2022

There are four IDP IELTS exam dates 2022 in India available every month. While a few test dates are reserved for IELTS Academic only, on some dates both IELTS General Training and IELTS Academic are conducted.

In addition, there are several IELTS Online exam dates available that allow the candidates to take the IELTS online exam whenever they find it convenient. IELTS exam dates 2022 are now out on the official website of the IDP but you can check the same with us below.

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British Council IELTS Exam Dates 2022

Before July 25, 2021, British Council and IDP used to run the IELTS exam in India. At present, the IELTS exam in India is being administered solely by IDP. While the logo and the test registration process have changed, the content and credibility of the IELTS exam remain the same.

So, for IELTS candidates who took the test before July 25, 2021, their results will still be valid for a recommended period of two years from the IELTS exam date.

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IELTS Exam Dates for IELTS Academic and General

There are 48 IELTS exam dates 2022 in India for IELTS Academic and 24 IELTS exam dates for IELTS General. There are days when both the IELTS Academic and IELTS General fall on the same date. On the rest of the days, only IELTS Academic exam is conducted.

There are at least 2 IELTS exam dates reserved each month for IELTS General whereas 4 dates are exclusively kept for IELTS Academic. In addition to that, the time slots may be different for different types of IELTS exams. 

With an abundance of IELTS test dates, students can exercise their freedom to choose a date most convenient to them. The IELTS exam dates can be selected from the official IELTS India website where IELTS test centres and test dates are announced for the upcoming months.

Whether it is the IELTS Academic or IELTS General Test dates, students should book them well in advance to avoid last moment seat unavailability. As the IELTS exam is extremely popular among Indian students, exam dates get booked quickly and if not booked in time, it can seriously affect the admission process to universities abroad. 

Those appearing for the IELTS General exam for the purpose of working abroad should be agile to select test dates as only two IELTS General dates are available in most months. Unable to book a timely IELTS exam date can delay joining the work location.

Those who are opting for IELTS Academic can choose dates that are reserved only for IELTS Academic to avoid the rush in the IELTS test centre.

Test-takers have to register for the IELTS exam date by visiting the IDP website with the payment of an IELTS exam fee.

September IELTS Exam Dates 2022

Here are the IELTS exam dates 2022 in India:

IELTS Exam Date

Test Day

Test Type

3 September 2022


Academic and General Training

10 September 2022



15 September 2022



24 September 2022


Academic and General Training

29 September 2022



October IELTS Exam Dates 2022

Mentioned below are the IELTS test dates in October 2022:

IELTS Exam Date

Test Day

Test Type

8 October 2022


Academic and General Training

13 October 2022


Academic Only

15 October 2022


Academic and General Training

22 October 2022


Academic Only

29 October 2022


Academic and General Training

How Can You Apply for IELTS 2022?

Students can apply for IELTS exam dates 2022 in India using two methods, i.e. online or offline registration methods. The steps for IELTS registration are as follows:

Online Registration

If you choose to register your IELTS exam dates online, then you must visit the official website for the test, i.e. IELTS IDP India. Thereafter, candidates must create their account, register for the test and book the appropriate test centre, date and time slot.

Offline Registration

For those opting to book their IELTS exam dates offline in the upcoming days, there are two methods of registering for the test, as outlined below.

  • Register in Person: Students can visit any regional branch or head office or their nearest Input Node. Following that, they can register online using a computer at the IDP office or fill out an application form and agree to the terms and conditions document by signing it.

  • Register by Courier: The second option to book your IELTS exam dates offline is by downloading the application form from the official website or collecting it from the regional office close to your location. Subsequently, candidates can submit the duly-filled application form, along with a demand draft by courier to the official address of IDP Education India Pvt. Ltd., located at Gurugram.

Steps to Book IELTS Exam Dates and Location

In total, there are 48 IELTS exam dates available every year for students who wish to apply for the test in any given year. Given below are the steps to book slots for the test you need to complete if you wish to take the test this year:

Online Mode

To book IELTS test dates and locations online for this year, the candidates must:

Step 1: Log in to the website of IELTS IDP India.

Step 2: ‘Register for Test’ option will pop up. Click on the same.

Step 3: Select the preferred exam. It can be paper-based  (IELTS, IELTS for UKVI or Life Skills) or computer-delivered tests.

Step 4: Select the exam type or module (Academic or General Training for IELTS, IELTS for UKVI, A1 and B1 for Life Skills).

Step 5: Next, select the preferred test centre in the preferred location or city.

Step 6: A list of available IELTS exam dates will be displayed on the screen. Advisably, candidates must choose the test date that is convenient to them.

Step 7: Upload a scanned copy of your passport.

Step 8: Pay the IELTS exam fee.

Registration in Person

The IDP IELTS exam dates for the current academic year can be booked offline by following the steps given below:

Step 1: Visit the office of IDP India.

Step 2: Complete an online application form and select IELTS test dates or fill out a paper application form for the same.

Step 3: Pay the fees for the chosen exam.

Registration by Courier

The IELTS test dates for this year can be booked by registering through the courier and attaching a demand draft as follows:

Step 1: Download the application form from the official IELTS India website or collect it from the regional office closest to you.

Step 2: Fill up the application form.

Step 3: Read the terms and conditions document and sign it.

Step 4: Attach the photocopy of the first and last page of the passport and observation pages.

Step 5: Attach a demand draft to pay the fees.

Step 6: Send them to the IDP office at Gurugram via courier.

Note: If you are interested in booking your IELTS exam dates that are convenient to you, then it is advisable to book your test dates as soon as possible. Booking your exam dates close to the actual test date may cost you the most convenient date, time and/or location.

What Do You Need for IELTS Test Booking?

Candidates can check the upcoming IELTS exam dates 2022 in India on the official website, i.e. IELTS IDP India and register for their desired exam. All candidates will be asked to select an appropriate test date and test centre to appear for the exam while registering for the exam. When selecting the IELTS test dates at the time of registration, candidates need to keep the following documents at hand.

A Valid ID

When completing the test registration process, the candidate will be asked to upload a scanned copy of their passport. It must be valid at the time of registration and on the day of the test. The age of the candidate must not be less than 16 and those who are less than 18 years of age will need their parents' consent.

A Bank Card

To confirm the IELTS exam dates, candidates need to complete the registration payment for the test. Candidates will be offered multiple ways of completing the payment, viz. Debit or Credit card. Those registering for the test offline can also submit a Demand Draft (DD).

While the registration fee for booking computer-delivered IELTS dates is set ar INR 15,500, we recommend checking out our 'Exam Fees' page to find out the exact fees for the different types of tests.

Once the IELTS dates have been selected and booked, candidates will receive a confirmation mail on their registered email ID. Therefore, candidates should provide an email ID that they use currently. The email will contain the specified date of the test, the test time, and the test centre address.

How to Choose the IELTS Exam Date?

When selecting the IELTS exam dates in India for the current academic year, candidates should be very careful to avoid unnecessary cancellation of the application form. Here are some key points to remember on ‘how to choose the IELTS test dates.

Type of IELTS Exam: IELTS IDP India conducts the test primarily on Thursdays and Saturdays, wherein the General Training and Academic tests are conducted separately. Commonly, the Academic tests are conducted a minimum of 3-4 times a month, whereas, the General Training tests are conducted 2-3 times a month.

The other types of tests, i.e. Life Skills, UKVI, etc, will also determine the available IELTS exam dates you can choose from. Therefore, when selecting the date, be sure to check which test score you need to submit in order to enrol in your dream university abroad.

Personal Commitments: Candidates must make sure that they are not preoccupied with any work on their selected IELTS test dates this year. They must prioritise their commitments accordingly.

Required Documents: When booking your IELTS dates for this year, be sure to keep the necessary documents at hand. Most likely, you will be required to use the information that has been provided in such documents. It is crucial to ensure that no mistakes are made when filling out the test application form.

Evaluation of Strengths and Weaknesses: One of the important parameters to consider when booking your IELTS test date is to evaluate your ability to secure a good band score on the test. To gauge their proficiency level in the language, candidates are advised to attempt IELTS practice tests or mock tests. Once you have gauged your skills for the test, you will be able to span of time you need to prepare before you take the test.

Requirements for IELTS Online Exam: Students must choose the IELTS Online exam date only after ensuring they have the required setup required in their home. The laptop/PC must be updated with a stable internet connection.

Location of IELTS Test Centre: In case students stay far away from the location of the IELTS test centre, they can consider checking in a nearby hotel on the previous night.

When is the IELTS Speaking Test Conducted?

As outlined in the exam pattern for the test, the IELTS exam dates for the speaking sections are usually scheduled on separate dates from the other sections. Depending on the test centre, you will be able to take your IELTS speaking test either on the same day or within 7 days before or after the other three sections of the test.

However, candidates appearing for the ‘On Computer’ test, candidates will be asked to attempt the speaking test on the same IELTS test dates. As per the exam policies, candidates take the speaking section either before or after the reading, writing and listening tests.

Test takers who will be appearing for the paper-based IELTS exam can choose their preferred date and time for the IELTS Speaking test. The registration process is convenient and hassle-free, with multiple slots to choose from. You receive an instant confirmation of the exam date via SMS on your registered phone number and a mail on your email id.

You will have to at least log in to the website and select the test date 12 days before. If you do not do so, you will be allocated a date by the IELTS test administrators.

Which Month is Best for IELTS?

IELTS IDP India conducts the test all throughout the year, allowing all aspirants to have a chance at the test every year. Therefore, if you are planning to take your IELTS test this year, it is better to book your slots well in advance and at least a few weeks before the document submission deadline at your desired university abroad.

According to experts, aspirants should book a slot for the IELTS exam in such a way that they are able to book the test and attempt it at least one more time. This allows students to retake the test and secure a high band score if they were not able to get a satisfactory score.

Reports state that the speaking topics for the IELTS exams are published in the months of January, May and September each year. So booking your test slots a month after the topics have been announced should give you enough time to prepare for the section.

Speaking of preparation time, when booking your IELTS test slot, it is better to calculate the amount of time you require to prepare for the test. Therefore, before registering for the test, attempt a few mock and practice tests to gauge your level of proficiency in the test. You can seek guidance from study abroad experts to understand how long it usually a person with similar proficiency levels as yours to prepare for the test and book your slots accordingly.

How to Reschedule IELTS Exam Dates?

If you need to change or reschedule your dates, then IDP India has outlined the steps to reschedule or postpone your IELTS exam dates for all test-takers. However, before changing or rescheduling the test dates, candidates will be asked to ensure they meet the minimum criteria to do so. According to regulations, test-takers can only change or reschedule their dates if they request for the same at least 5 weeks before the scheduled test. Nevertheless, exceptional cases where the student is forced to change their dates can be accepted.

Regulations state that candidates interested in changing or rescheduling their IELTS test dates must do so five weeks before the scheduled date to get any sort of refund. However, candidates experiencing medical emergencies can submit a medical certificate and cancel their test anytime within the 5 weeks to receive the refund.

Candidates requiring to cancel or reschedule their IELTS test dates and wish to get a refund on the same must provide documents such as a medical certificate, or death certificate in case of a death in the family or police FIR. While students will be able to cancel and reschedule their test dates without these documents, if they wish to get a refund, these documents need to be submitted.

Candidates facing trouble in reaching the test centre on the day of the test as a result of factors outside the control of the test-takers may receive consideration. However, candidates are advised to contact the test centre and inform them of the situation and they may offer an option to take the test on a separate date.

Can I Prepone my IELTS Exam Date?

Depending on when you apply for the rescheduling and the availability of seats on a given test date, it may be possible to prepone your IELTS exam dates. However, regardless of whether you wish to prepone or postpone your test, you will have to consider the regulations surrounding the same.

For this reason, it is always better to schedule your other activities and events around the scheduled date, i.e. before or after the test. This will allow you to not be forced to change your IELTS test dates. Moreover, if you need to, you may connect with the test centre you have selected and request a change in the dates.

IELTS Exam Dates Cancellation and Refund Policy

A candidate can cancel the IELTS exam dates 2022 in India up to five weeks before the original IELTS test date 2022. The IELTS exam fee is refundable but a certain amount is deducted as a cancellation/ postponement fee. An administrative charge of INR 3,500 (Inclusive of all taxes) is applicable.

The IELTS exam fee is refunded to the bank account that was used to make an online payment at the time of registration. If the fee is paid at ICICI bank it will be refunded via NEFT. It can take two to three days to refund the amount. The request for IELTS cancellation or refund can be made offline. 

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FAQs on IELTS Exam Dates

Can I reschedule my IELTS exam date IDP?

Yes, you can reschedule your IELTS exam date IDP. However, the same will be allowed only if your test date is at least 15 days before the date to which the exam is to be rescheduled. In case you want to reschedule or postpone your IELTS test date for 34 days or above, you do not need to show any reason.

How can I cancel my IELTS exam dates IDP India?

Yes, you can cancel your IELTS exam date IDP India online only if you have at least 15 days at hand before the scheduled exam date. For 15 to 34 days, you can apply for cancellation only by providing the required documents. The refund after cancellation of the IELTS exam date will be processed within 8-10 days. 

How many days before can I book my IELTS test dates?

Candidates can fill up the application form for the IELTS exam and book the IELTS test date three months before the IELTS test date. Test-takers should be alert and book the IELTS test date as soon as possible as IELTS is a very popular exam and the seats get filled up quickly.

What is the ideal IELTS test date?

The ideal IELTS test date is at least three months before the application deadline of the universities if you are taking the IELTS Academic exam. In case you need to retake your IELTS exam, you should have time in hand. For the IELTS General exam, you can take it whenever you feel like it.

What are the IELTS test dates 2022 in India?

The IELTS test dates 2022 in India are distributed throughout the year. In each month, you will get four IELTS test dates. However, the IELTS Academic exam dates may be more than the IELTS General Training dates.

How can I book the IELTS test dates 2022 online?

You can book the IELTS test date 2022 by visiting the website of IDP IELTS India and filling up the application form. You will have to submit a copy of your passport and fill in the information accurately. After that, you will have to pay the IELTS exam fee by using your credit or debit card.

Can I change my Speaking IELTS test dates?

Yes, candidates can change their speaking IELTS test date. But for that, they need to talk to the administrators about it. They can help the candidates if there is an availability of another test date. In case of health problems, candidates can display their medical certificates.

How many times in a year can I attempt IELTS?

IELTS can be attempted as many times as students like in a year. It is held multiple times a year to provide applicants with the option of selecting a day and taking the test whenever they are prepared and ready.

Are all four sections of IELTS conducted on the same IELTS exam dates?

Yes, the Listening, Reading, and Writing components of all IELTS examinations are conducted on the same day, with no interruptions in between. The Speaking component, on the other hand, can be done up to a week before or after the other examinations. The overall testing period is 2 hours and 45 minutes.

Are the IELTS test dates for IELTS Academic and IELTS General Training the same?

No, the IELTS test dates for IELTS Academic and IELTS General Training may differ. Having said that, both tests are available 48 times per year as IELTS exam dates are offered up to four times every month.

How to check the availability of IELTS exam on specific IELTS exam dates at specific test centres?

You can check the availability of IELTS exam on specific IELTS exam dates at specific test centres in India on the official website of IDP. Select the type of test, mode, and location under the ‘book now’ option on the IELTS website and the available dates will be displayed on the screen.

How many days after the IELTS test dates can I receive IELTS results?

You can receive IELTS results after 3-13 days from the IELTS test date depending upon the IELTS test type. For IELTS Paper-based test, you can get your results after 13 days from the test date, whereas, your IELTS computer-delivered IELTS results will be made available in 3 to 5 days.

When are IELTS test dates in India IDP announced?

IELTS test dates in India IDP are announced at least three months before the exam date. However, in the case of Paper-based IELTS, the test dates are announced at the beginning of a particular year or the end of the previous year.

What are the IELTS exam dates 2022 for Amritsar?

The IELTS exam dates 2022 for Amritsar have been announced for the next three months. Students need to note that the Amritsar IELTS exam dates 2022 may differ for both IELTS General Training and IELTS Academic.

On which days is the IELTS exam conducted in India?

In India, IELTS tests are often conducted on Saturdays and Thursdays to provide flexibility and convenience. Please keep in mind that the listening, reading, and writing (LRW) exams will all take place on the same day. However, the IELTS speaking test will take place up to 7 days before and/or after the scheduled IELTS test date.

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