SAT Scholarship for Indian Students 2021

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SAT Scholarship for Indian Students

If you have taken the SAT test and scored well in the test, then not only do your chances of getting admission in the institutions abroad increase but you can also be considered for SAT scholarship. The scholarship is offered by specific institutions based on the SAT scores of the student.

The SAT, a standardised test widely used for college admissions majorly in the United States, is accepted by leading universities such as Auburn University, University of Massachusets, University of DaytonUniversity of Illinois, Arizona State University and many more.

Candidates with the highest SAT scores are eligible for merit-based scholarships in select Institutes abroad. Also, students are eligible for the SAT registration discount which is both SAT merit-based and income-based. Check all details related to SAT Scholarship here.

Wondering What a Good SAT Score is?

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SAT India Top Performers Scholarships

Indian students who belong to lower-income families and have an SAT score of 1300 or above are eligible for a merit-cum-need based scholarships at participating universities. Those who score 1300 or above in SAT are recognised as SAT India Top Performers and the recipient of scholarships are also considered as College Board India Scholar.

Students can apply for these scholarships at the time of admission at the respective university. Candidates are shortlisted based on the income of the student or his/her parents and SAT score.

Institute-Wise SAT Scholarships

       Various Institutes award scholarships to international students based on their SAT score. Here is the list of some of the popular institutes offering SAT scholarships, along with the minimum requirements and eligible amount. 


SAT Score 

Scholarship Name 

Scholarship Amount

Baylor University


President's Gold Scholarship

Provost's Gold Scholarship

Dean's Gold Scholarship

Founder's Gold Scholarship






Colorado State University


1130 to 1330+ 

Merit Scholarships

$5000 to $10,000

Georgia State University



Merit Scholarships

$500 one-time scholarship to a $3,000

renewable scholarship

Texas Tech University



Texas Tech scholarships

1000-1190: $1000 per year.

1200-1290: $3000 to $1000

1300-1390: $2000 to $5000

1400-1490: $2000 to $7000

1500-1600: $400 to $9000

University of Mississippi

1130 SAT

Academic Excellence scholarship


University of Missouri


1200- 1390 

Chancellor's Award

Curators Scholars Award

Excellence Award

Mark Twain Award

$3000 to $15,000

University of Nevada at Las Vegas



President's Award

Provost's Award

Dean's Award

$7,000- $11,000

University of Oregon


1220 - 1250


$3000- $10,000

Discount on SAT Registration

The College Board India Scholars Programme offers a discount on SAT Registration to students belonging to a low-income family. 

Eligible Indian students of Class XI or XII can apply for SAT registration discount, however, only one discount voucher per student is awarded. Students can use the voucher at the time of registration.

The discount value Have been mentioned below:

Annual Income 

Registration Discount

Less than 8 Lakhs 

90% SAT registration discount

8 Lakhs to 15 Lakhs 

50% SAT registration discount

FAQs on SAT Scholarships

1. Is there any scholarship available for Indian students on the basis of SAT scores? 

Yes. SAT scholarship is offered by College Board India Scholar. While institutes also offer scholarships to students who have performed well in their SAT tests.

2. What are the various types of SAT 2021 Scholarship? 

There are two types of SAT scholarships, i.e. need-based and merit-based SAT Scholarships. Merit-based scholarships are offered directly by the institutes. Meanwhile, there is a discount on SAT registration which acts as the need-based SAT scholarship. Also, the College Board India Scholar offers scholarships to students belonging to low-income families but have scored well in their SATs. 

3. Which institutes offer scholarships to students on the basis of SAT scholarship?

There are numerous institutes that offer SAT Scholarships to those who have attempted SATs. Some of the institutes include Colorado State University, University of Oregon, Baylor University, University of Mississippi etc.

4. How can I receive the discount on SAT Registration? 

Students whose family income is low can request a discount voucher and use it at the time of SAT Registration.

5. How to apply for SAT Scholarship?

Students can apply for institute-specific SAT Scholarship and SAT India Top Performers Scholarships while applying for admissions at the respective university.

6. What SAT score do you need for a scholarship?  

It entirely depends on the college you are applying to. Please check their scholarship requirements to get an idea of what SAT score you should aim for. However, it is safe to obtain a score between 1200 and 1600 to be eligible for scholarships. 

7. What SAT score would offer a 100% scholarship?    

Even 1600 on the SAT might not make you eligible for a full scholarship. It would depend on the university you are applying to. 

8. Do Canadian universities offer scholarships based on SAT scores?    

Yes, a lot of universities in Canada offer SAT scholarships. It is advised to check with the respective colleges to learn more about the scholarships they offer.

9. Can an SAT score above 1500 get me a scholarship?    

Being a great SAT score, 1500 on the SAT can certainly make you eligible for a number of scholarships. However, it is best to check if the university you are applying to has any SAT-based scholarships on offer.

10. Can an SAT score above 1200 get me a scholarship?    

Yes, you can be eligible for SAT scholarships if you have scored 1200 on the test. However, it would depend on the college and if it offers scholarships to applicants with SAT scores above 1200. 

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