TOEFL Exam Pattern 2022 - Marking Scheme, Duration, Section-wise Test Pattern

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Mrunmayai Bobade
Updated on Sep 27, 2022 2:04 PM IST

TOEFL, or Test of English as a Foreign Language, is used to assess applicants' English language proficiency. The large majority of students who take this test are non-native English speakers looking to study or work in a foreign country.

The TOEFL exam pattern has been meticulously constructed and homogenised in order to provide a more accurate assessment of applicants' English language proficiency. Before taking the exam, candidates must comprehend the TOEFL exam pattern and the different sorts of question formats. This way, students will find it easier to organise their study and practice routines, allowing them to achieve their desired TOEFL results.

TOEFL Exam Pattern 2022

Test of English as a Foreign Language, or TOEFL is recognised by over 11,000 universities and other organisations in 190 countries as proof of English language ability. You will learn more about the exam format for the ETS-recommended TOEFL test as you read further on this page.

The Reading, Listening, Speaking, and Writing sections of the TOEFL exam are used to evaluate candidates' proficiency with academic English at the university level. Each of these four tasks, which make use of the four primary English communication skills, must be completed in three hours, plus an additional thirty minutes for check-in.

Candidates must have a thorough comprehension of all the sections of the exams, the exam pattern, and the TOEFL syllabus in order to prepare well for the test and succeed in their desire of enrolling in a prestigious university abroad.

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Highlights of TOEFL 2022 Exam Pattern

The TOEFL full form is Test of English as a Foreign Language and the exam is of two types - iBT and PBT.

The TOEFL pattern 2022 highlights outlined in the table below will provide the candidates with a detailed knowledge of the test:

Characteristics of TOEFL Exam


TOEFL Exam Duration

3.5 hours (including 30 minutes for Check-in)

Total Number of Sections


Reading, Listening, Speaking, Writing

Total Number of Questions


Number of Breaks


10 minutes

TOEFL Exam Flow


Mode of TOEFL Exam


Integrated Tasks


Negative Marking


Note Taking Allowed


TOEFL Reading 2022 Exam Pattern

Here are the highlights of the Reading section in the TOEFL exam:

TOEFL Reading Characteristics


TOEFL Reading Duration

54-72 minutes

Number of Questions


Types of Questions

Passage based questions

TOEFL Reading Tasks

Read passages and answer according to question-wise instructions

TOEFL Listening 2022 Exam Pattern

The Listening section of the TOEFL exam can be summarised as follows:

TOEFL Listening Characteristics


TOEFL Listening Duration

41-57 minutes;

Lectures (3 minutes per question);

Conversations (3-5 minutes per question)

Number of Questions


3-4 lectures (5 questions each);

2-3 conversations (6 questions each)

Types of Questions

Lectures based questions

Conversation based questions

TOEFL Listening Tasks

Answer questions based on information

TOEFL Speaking 2022 Exam Pattern

The exam pattern of TOEFL Speaking 2022 has been mentioned below:

TOEFL Speaking Characteristics


TOEFL Speaking Duration

17 minutes;

1 minute to answer

0.5 minutes to prepare

Number of Questions

4 tasks

Types of Questions

1 Opinion-based task

3 Integrated tasks

TOEFL Speaking Tasks

Speak on a topic

Answer or express what is heard or read

TOEFL Writing 2022 Exam Pattern

The exam pattern of TOEFL Writing has been mentioned below:

TOEFL Writing Characteristics


TOEFL Writing Duration

50 minutes

Number of Questions

2 tasks

Types of Questions

1 Integrated task

1 Opinion-based task

TOEFL Writing Tasks

Type and express what is read or heard

Express opinions on a topic

How Is the TOEFL Test Scored?

Highlighted in the table below are the score ranges that have been assigned to each of the four sections in the TOEFL 2022 test:


Score Range









Total Score


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How is the TOEFL iBT Administered?

The TOEFL iBT is administered at 187 recognised test centres in nations and territories throughout the world. TOEFL test centres are often located in or close to major cities, and the test is typically offered on Fridays or Saturdays. Applicants can look for TOEFL availability country-wise and city-wise on the website of Educational Testing Service (ETS), which posts available exam locations and dates several months in advance. To register for the TOEFL, students can sign up online, over the phone, or by mail. The TOEFL 2022 is administered with the following pointers mentioned:

  • Administered online using a computer in a secure testing facility and reliable internet connection.

  • For the listening section of the TOEFL exam, candidates are given noise-cancelling headphones.

  • Candidates receive a microphone to record their oral communication or answers.

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FAQs on TOEFL Exam Pattern

How is the TOEFL Speaking section evaluated?

The TOEFL Speaking section is evaluated or graded or scored between 0 to 30 marks. An applicant will be evaluated by the TOEFL examiner based on their spoken English fluency and their capacity to comprehend and provide compelling responses during the examination. There are four speaking tasks in the TOEFL iBT speaking section, where applicants must talk about a subject and content they either read or listened to.

Is the exam pattern of TOEFL iBT at centre and at home the same?

Yes, the TOEFL exam pattern for both the TOEFL iBT at centre and at home is the same. This has been done in order to maintain the test's uniformity and validity throughout all of the available options, enabling students to continue enrolling in their preferred colleges and programmes abroad.

What are the maximum marks I can score in TOEFL?

The maximum mark an applicant can score in the TOEFL exam, taking into account each section's individual scores, is 120. As per the TOEFL exam pattern, there are in total four sections and each section carries a total of 30 marks thus, adding up to a maximum TOEFL score of 120.

How much time is allocated for the TOEFL Writing Section?

All test-takers will be given a total of 50 minutes to attempt the different questions provided under the TOEFL iBT writing section. Here, candidates will be given 50 minutes to cover 2 tasks where, on one hand, they will have to provide an opinion-based answer and on the other, an integrated task where they will have provided answers based on what they heard and read.

Is there any negative marking in TOEFL?

No, test-takers will not receive any negative marking on TOEFL iBT tests, if they answer incorrectly or incompletely. Therefore, it is always advisable to answer all the questions, even if you do not exactly know the answer. Through the elimination process and other popular techniques, you can still have a chance at answering all the questions correctly.

How many questions will be asked in the TOEFL Exam?

The ETS offers a varied number of questions for each test, which therefore leads to an inconsistent number of questions asked in TOEFL iBT Tests. However, test-takers can expect to answer anywhere between 64-85 questions in a TOEFL iBT test, all accumulating to a total score of 120 marks, i.e. 30 per section.

Is there any change in the TOEFL 2022 Exam Pattern?

According to the latest updates by ETS, no changes to the TOEFL 2022 exam pattern. However, to know the exact changes and be up to date with all the changes taking place in any of the study abroad tests, we recommend registering with us and connecting with our experience study abroad exam faculty, who can also help you ace your tests through our test-prep services.

What is the total duration of a TOEFL Exam?

According to the current TOEFL exam pattern, the exam will take around 3 hours to complete all the sections of the test. However, the test provider, ETS, suggests that candidates should plan for 3 and half hours as it takes time to settle down and check in to the respective test centre in India.

Is the TOEFL iBT test hard?

Compared to other English standardised tests or any other entrance test to study abroad, TOEFL is a relatively easy test to complete. However, even TOEFL will become difficult to clear if you are not prepared for the test properly. Therefore, reach out to our experienced team of TOEFL faculty who can help you ace the test through our unique test-prep services.

How many sections does TOEFL iBT have?

TOEFL iBT is divided into four different sections, namely, Listening, Reading, Speaking and Writing sections. Each of these sections will contain multiple question types such as passages, lectures and conversations, independent and integrated tasks as well as opinion-based tasks. The four sections will carry 30 marks each, which will total to around 120.

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