CIEE Offers Unique Study Abroad Programs Amid Travel Restrictions

By Subhashri Roy Updated On - Jan 13, 2021 06:52 PM

CIEE, a non-profit organisation promoting international education, is working with US universities and colleges to provide a unique study abroad experience to all international students amid Covid-19 restrictions. It also promises to support more than 300 institutions from Spring 2021. 

Amid Covid-19 restrictions, the Council on International Educational Exchange (CIEE) has been working with US universities and colleges to enusre that all international students get opportunities to participate in study abroad programs. 

As of today, the non-profit organization is running a number of programs for 1,200+ students in China, Shanghai, South Korea, Legon (Ghana) and Seoul since Spring 2021. It also promises to support more than 300 institutions from Spring 2021. 

Michael Seamus Harreys, CIEE vice president of Global Enrolment said that these partnerships with institutions such as Rutgers, Penn State, Tulane, and Syracuse University have ensured that international students continue to feel connected with the American schools from their home countries. 

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CIEE has further introduced cohort learning and living based on “American classroom” experiences in the home countries as a step towards attracting more international students despite the global pandemic. 

James P. Pellow, CIEE President and CEO, said that the custom study abroad programs have played a key role in helping universities achieve their academic and financial targets for the current session. 

Pellow further mentioned that these programs take into consideration all important factors such as academic excellence, enrolment goals, and unique student life elements that support development, bonding, and achievement.

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With a focus on inter-student bonds and enhancing critical academic skills, first-year international students will be able to acquaint with the university setting in a comfortable environment. CIEE has also moulded international programs to meet the needs of both the students and the partners, which is undoubtedly the ‘new normal’ he added. 

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