Indian Students Looking for Study Abroad Alternatives Beyond the US: Survey

By Subhashri Roy Updated On - Oct 07, 2020 11:13 PM

A recent study revealed that Indian students are more likely to choose Canada, the UK, Germany, or Australia over the US for 2021 study. According to the study, the top city for study abroad aspirants across the world in 2021 is Toronto. 

A survey, based on more than 1,20,000 Indian students and conducted over a period of four years, has revealed that study abroad aspirants are looking at alternatives to the United States for 2021 study. It highlighted that the top destinations beyond the US include Canada, the UK, Germany and Australia.

The study showed that New York, Melbourne, Toronto and Berlin are the most popular cities in the world, with Toronto being the top city for 2021 intake.

In 2018, only 5% of students were studying in Canada and a whopping 90% of the Indian students were studying in the US. The 2020 study pointed out that the respondents studying in Canada have increased to over 10% and respondents in the US have decreased to above 80%. 

Students are now applying to multiple universities in different countries, unlike previous years when the US was the only preferred destination for most respondents. Today, European universities in Switzerland, Sweden and the Netherlands are also attracting more Indian students. 

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An analysis of the National Foundation for American Policy’s SEVIS data pointed out that many Indian tech students have been choosing Canada over the US for higher education.

That said, the US is still a popular destination among students who are interested in pursuing STEM degrees. With New York at the top among popular cities for higher education in the US, other cities including Houston, Boston and Springfield also feature in the list for 2021. 

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Earlier in 2020, the survey also highlighted that 70% of Indian students wanted to continue their studies abroad despite the global pandemic.

Students who wanted to take the fall 2020 semester remotely, now are ready to attend in-person classes depending on the measures adopted by the university and the local situation. 

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