International Student Enrollment in Spain Generates 3.8 Billion Euros Annually

By Cyril Zachariah Updated On - Feb 24, 2021 02:51 PM

New research from Spain has revealed the economic contribution that international students have made on a yearly basis. Over 1,000,000 international students have contributed billions to Spain’s economy through language programmes, Erasmus and Study abroad programmes and much more.

The year 2020 has taken a major hit on almost all sectors, especially the education sector. With borders of most countries either highly regulated and or completely closed off for international travellers, international students and universities have been affected the worst.

In Spain, international students have been reported to have generated 3.8 billion euros per year. Additionally, recent research revealed that for every euro that an international student spent, an additional €1.27 was spent on items such as food, restaurants, clothing, travel and transport, etc.

The report, released by the Spanish Institute of Foreign Trade, ICEX, stated that 65% of the economic impact of Spanish export educational services were the result of students enrolled in undergraduate and masters programmes.

A total of 1,044,898 international students, including degree-seeking students, Erasmus and Study Abroad participants, Cervantes Institute students, Language students and K-12 Pupils were enrolled in various universities in Spain, for the 2018-19 academic year.

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While Spain is a popular destination for Erasmus students, 47% of the international students were enrolled in Spanish Language programmes.

Xiana Mendez, the Secretary for Commerce, stated that along with the economic benefits of international mobility in the classroom, other intangible and long-term benefits can also be seen. She added that students who travel to the country, learn and experience the culture and environment, subsequently building relationships with the country that can last a lifetime.

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All the benefits will make international students remember their time in the country and view Spain as a potential investment opportunity and thus, promote Spain and build partnerships with the country, helping build the economy of the country.

While COVID-19 restricted and halted international mobility for Erasmus & Study Abroad participants and language students, the efforts of the government, universities and higher education institutions continue to attract international students to the country.

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