Number of Indian Students in Germany Has Almost 'Doubled in Last 5 Years'

By Cyril Zachariah Updated On - Feb 10, 2021 01:59 PM

Recent numbers and figures from Uni-Assist and DAAD have revealed that the number of Indian Students have doubled over the past 5 years. The low tuition fees, impeccable health services, proactive approach to the pandemic are some of the attractice features, state students.

Germany has become one of the most popular destinations for higher education, especially for Indian students. This year, despite COVID-19, Germany has been one of the top choices for Indian students.

DAAD or the Ferman Academic Exchange Service has stated that there have been over 8,300 applicants from India, who have chosen the different undergraduate and postgraduate courses in the Universities of Germany.

An I-Gauge study published by Quacqurelly Symonds (QS) in May 2020, it was revealed that most Indian students chose the USA as a destination for their higher education with 30.27% choosing US Universities. The UK followed with a 15.84% of students choose UK Universities, while Germany becomes the third most chosen country with 14.33% students choosing German Universities.

It was also revealed in recent numbers released by Uni-Assist and DAAD that nearly 60,000 aspiring international students from 180 different countries choose Germany for the Winter Semester 2020. Inspite of COVID halting all study abroad aspirations of students, this number rounds up to almost 80% of the 2019-20 numbers, thus, proving Germany to be a top spot for students and their higher education goals.

Out of these international student numbers, a vast majority of the students come from India. Over the past 5 years, the number of students from India have doubled and now form the second-largest group of international students in Germany.

In 2015-2016, there were a total of 13,740 students enrolled in the German Higher Educational institutions. Meanwhile, the numbers just from 15,529 in 2016-17 to 17,570 in 2017-18. The largest number of Indian students seen enrolled in German Universities was seen in 2019-20 with 25,149 students, which was substantially higher than the previous year, which topped out at 20,810.

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The President of DAAD, Joybrato Mukherjee stated that the German Universities have been seen as a sensible choice with its public-funded universities and their international competitiveness as well.

Among the courses that have been popularly chosen by Indian students as their choice of study in Germany includes, Engineering, Management, Social Studies, Mathematics and Natural Sciences.

However, students have been choosing non-traditional fields or branches in engineering and sciences such as engineering with management, environmental engineering and other interdisciplinary programmes as well, sources state.

Among the many reasons why many students have opted for Germany as their study abroad destination is due to the availability of programmes taught in the English Language.

Amandeep Singh, pursuing Masters at RWTH Achen University, stated that good healthcare services, dedicated response to COVID and low tuition fee costs make Germany as one of the top destinations for study abroad aspirants.

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While the cost of living in Germany may be comparatively expensive, low or practically no tuition fees allows students to choose Germany as a study abroad destination while being easy on the pockets.

Meanwhile, Universities in Germany have taken a proactive approach to dealing with COVID-19 and the challenges it have brought to international admissions. Jens Stackeljan, the Chairman of Board at Uni-Assist, stated that many of the member universities of Uni-Assist made the application process more flexible through decisions such as the extention of deadlines and participating in online processes.

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