Toronto School of Management Announces New Academic Pathway Agreement with Arden University

By Cyril Zachariah Updated On - Feb 09, 2021 08:11 PM

Toronto School of Management and Arden University have come into an alliance that allows graduates from TSoM to pursue further education at Arden University. As per the pact, diploma graduates from TSoM will be able to pursue the relevant Bachelors and Masters programme at Arden.

Hearing the requests of the students, the Toronto School of Management (TSoM), Canada, has announced a new academic pathway partnership with Arden University in the UK. The pathways programme will allow Toronto School of Management students to pursue select list of programmes to pursue Arden’s Bachelors and Masters programmes, which focus on similar or same areas of study.

For instance, TSoM graduates who have completed the Diploma in Business Management programme will earn transfer credits that will allow them to pursue the BA in Business programme at Arden University. Meanwhile, TSoM graduates who completed the Diploma in Data Analytics will earn transfer credits to pursue the Masters in Data Analytics programme at the university.

Arden University has been recognised as one of the leaders in online study, as they currently cater to over 9,000 students worldwide, through online mode and through its 6 study centres as wel.

According to the partnership the diplomas from TSoM will be conferred at the Toronto campus, meanwhile the Masters degrees from Arden will be available online. This offers a great amount of flexibility to students living in Canada or any other country.

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Alison Wilson, the Head of School of Business and Management at Arden University stated that the university aims to provide students with a global reach while also being exceptionally convenient for them to access. She added that through the university’s online delivery method, students from Toronto School of Management to flexibily study their respective programmes under the guidance of a team of specialist and dedicated academics.

Ehsan Safdari, the managing director at Toronoto School of Managament stated that the partnership had been developed after students had sent in their requests for further higher education in two specific sectors, that currently hosts a high demand for skilled workforce.

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He stated that TSoM has been dedicated to bringing in new opportunities to students has been their top priority. Further, with this partnership, the students will now have access to qualifications recognised in the UK, while also receiving pathway advice, along with support for their application process and continuing guidance during their experience.

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