2IIM Verbal Ability Test 8

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FormatOnline Tests
Test LanguageEnglish
Total Tests1
ExamsCommon Admission Test
Reports AvailableYes
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If you've started your preparation for CAT, then take these VA tests to check how close you are to cracking the VA section. Traditionally this section has been flumoxxing users with the kind of questions asked. Ensure you are aware of the basics and elegant ways to approach a solution and remember the generic rules that we point out in our solutions.

Each test contains questions from multiple topics across Verbal Ability such as Critical reasoning, reading comprehension, paragraph summary, paragraph completion, sentence elimination and rearrangement, vocabulary based questions and so on.

Each test is styled as per the CAT VA section with 34 questions and 60 minutes time limit.

Each positive answer fetches 4 marks and a wrong answer gets you a -1.

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