CETKing Quant Master Class

By CETKing
Rs.50 Free (100% Off)
FormatOnline Tests
Test LanguageEnglish
Total Tests1
ExamsCommon Admission Test
Reports AvailableYes
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CETKing is one of the most renowned academies offering a plethora of courses to students preparing for various competitive exams. CETKing has an online and offline presence and this test is just a sample teaser for those who are preparing for CAT. This base practice test shows how good you currently are and what would be your likely standing in the Quant section of an exam like CAT.

This test contains often repeated questions from across topics in Quantitative aptitude and is a very good indicator of your prep levels for CAT. Take this test at a discount and be rest assured of starting your CAT prep with a bang. CETKing will help and assure you take the plunge with confidence and this test is a step towards the same.