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Lviv National Medical University, Ukraine Introduction

History, Affiliations & Rankings

Lviv National Medical University (LNMU) is regarded as one of the oldest and biggest medical education institutes in Ukraine. The total area of the campus of the university is 10 hectares. LMNU is one of the leading universities across the globe that has IV level of accreditation. It is recognised by UNESCO, WHO and MCI. The medical faculty at LMNU was opened in 1784. The university has more than 230 years of history and excellence in medical sciences and healthcare. At present, 22 scientific schools are functioning under LMNU, and are playing a vital role in its development. 

Infrastructure, Campus & Courses

Foreign students can seek admission in various medical courses offered by LMNU. Admissions are offered in preparatory courses for specific candidates. LNMU enrolls 250 students in undergraduate medical courses, 150 in postgraduate medical courses and 100 in Preparatory courses. Every year, almost 1,000 international students are given admission in LNMU. The university provides 9 hostels with accommodation to 3500 people. The hostel premises of LNMU also includes reading rooms, dining rooms, computer rooms and cafes. The university has a world-class library that boasts of possessing 5,30,000 volumes of manuals, textbooks and relevant medical literature. The state to art infrastructure of LMNU provides students with easy access to information in order to expand their knowledge.

Accomplishments & Alumni 

LNMU is a member of the International and European Association of Universities. The varsity is also a member of 70 international organisations, federations and academies. LNMU Department and Laboratories participate in 12 scientific programmes of the Ukranian Ministry of Health and various international organisations. LNMU carries out more than 50 research projects with Ukranian and international partners. 

Student Diversity & Visiting Companies

LMNU celebrates diversity to its fullest potential and has a unique tradition and culture of its own. Numerous international students study at LMNU and the university ensures that they are looked after with proper care and facilities. LMNU strives to provide a platform to the international students where they can explore and recognise their inner potential and bring it out to the world. In order to promote student diversity LMNU offers education through 100% English medium. The alumnus of LMNU are successfully placed across the globe and the students of LMNU are constantly trained towards evolving and becoming successful future medicos.

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Lviv National Medical University

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